The Model Way

Henry Ford’s creation of the Ford Model T car in 1908 was undoubtedly brilliant, but it was not what made him a pioneer. Ford’s true vision was brought to life when he fine-tuned the assembly line mode of production and enacted a method of keeping the best workers loyal to his company.

You see, he didn’t invent the product. He perfected the process. And he honored the people who worked hard to make it possible. In that, he revolutionized an industry.

At Model, we are inspired by the advancements we’ve seen in businesses through Microsoft automation technology.

Automation fascinates us, and helping businesses achieve their objectives through automation is our professional reason for being. Our team has invested years of our lives studying and perfecting the art of automation, and we are excited to share our expertise to help you see the breakthroughs for your business.

Just as equally, Model is passionate about cultivating a strong IT community. We know that our brand is a reflection of our people, and therefore we are committed to cultivating an empowered, champion technologist culture. And, beyond the Model team, we are invested in contributing to the growth of Microsoft technologies and the world of innovators who support it.

Your business has a breakthrough waiting to happen.

The Model Team


Jason Rutherford

Managing Partner

With over 14 years of Systems Management experience, Jason’s focus on people, process, and delivery has shaped Model into the consulting practice that it has become today. His approach to creating a consulting organization focused on creating IT efficiencies has led to strategic partnerships with Model’s clients. He believes in strong community support and that knowledge sharing is a critical factor to success. Internal to Model, Jason makes certain everyone in the organization has what they may need to be successful, including a healthy work/life balance. Jason also provides a generous dose of memes when called upon.

Prior to starting Model, Jason worked his way up through a consulting organization where he learned how to approach IT consulting from the best in the business. He spent time as an internal SysAdmin at an international organization where he implemented a global infrastructure to support a rapidly growing organization. He eventually ventured back into his love of consulting where he built a team of 25+ consultants delivering system management solutions. Over his career Jason has been involved in many community speaking events, been flown around the world to provide training on System Center, was technical editor of Mastering System Center 2007 R2, and completed his B.S. in Business.

Today Jason enjoys spending time with his family, traveling to new destinations, playing guitar, and occasionally you’ll find him shanking golf balls on the course.


William Bracken


William is an experienced and results-driven IT geek who is passionate about the “automation of things” with an extensive background in Systems Management, Advanced OS Deployment automation, and overall infrastructure automation. For the last 15 years William has designed and implemented management solutions that have dramatically reduced support costs and ultimately brought consistent and well managed operating environments to organizations across the US.

William and the Partnership started Model Technology Solutions in 2014 with a shared vision to build a better consulting company. Our delivery first mission statement and rock solid delivery has allowed us to realize this vision. William has presented at numerous technology events over the years, doing his part to inform and learn from the IT community. William has also been known to have entire conversations using nothing but memes.

William married his middle school sweetheart in 1997 and has two beautiful children that keep him on his toes. I mean the kids.. or maybe his wife. Honestly not sure! When he’s not geeking out, William enjoys playing (acoustic!) guitar with friends, camping, and traveling to tropical destinations. He is a scary movie fanatic and has hope his children carry on that legacy.

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Jesse Walter


Jesse loves automation. If he could, he would automate automation. He has experience across the System Center stack; his heavy interests are focused on Configuration Manager and Orchestrator. He firmly believes that, with System Center, “if you can dream it, you can do it”, and that there is always a reason to explore whether or not there is a “better way”.

Jesse also scripts as much as possible and is always trying to find ways to automate repeatable tasks using PowerShell. In fact, if he wasn’t married to a beautiful wife and didn’t have two adorable kids, he would consider marrying PowerShell. Or at least taking it out to a fancy dinner.

When he is not being a geek, Jesse is still holding onto the dream of making it to the Big Leagues, and lives this through slow-pitch softball. He is also a general competitive “junkie” and loves any sort of competition, both individually and with a team. He once bowled a 270-something. He has no holes-in-one, but thinks that’s on the horizon. He is also a huge Cardinals fan and is getting back into hockey (took a strike after the strike), but is admittedly not a Rams fan unless they can positively impact his fantasy football team.


Chris Bartlow


Chris has over 20 years of leadership experience in Information Technology. Chris has lead the modernization of Infrastructure Services at several top St. Louis companies. His extensive knowledge of innovative technology, strategic planning, infrastructure design and operations has allowed him to be a transformative leader moving organizations rapidly forward on the IT maturity curve. Chris may also be the meme master.

Chris has been active for many years in support of several charitable organizations in the St. Louis community and remains a strong supporter of many causes from helping to obtain treatment for un-insured breast cancer patients, children with cancer, and autism research.


Stephanie Grimmer

Principal Account Executive

Stephanie Grimmer has over 14 years of experience cultivating high level relationships and providing delivery-based IT solutions for top companies and organizations in the St. Louis Metropolitan area. A strong believer in the value of collaboration, Stephanie is committed to fully understanding her clients’ needs, creating a solution based on those needs, and fostering mutually beneficial, ongoing partnerships. In addition, she has a number of other valuable talents, which include the ability to whistle through her tongue, write her name with her toes, and perform Debbie Boone’s “You Light Up My Life” in sign-language. In addition, Stephanie excels at useless entertainment trivia and is well versed in All Things 80’s – specializing in The early MTV Hair Band years and little known B List movies.

When not out networking, Stephanie enjoys spending time with her husband Bryan, who upon marrying in 2004, unknowingly provided an endless creative outlet for her friends and co-workers – the Grimmer Nickname Collection continues to evolve and becomes more impressive with each passing year. Some of Grimdog Millionaire’s favorite activities include hanging out with nearby friends and family, exploring Forest Park, decorating, watching movies, listening to live music, cooking, and any activity that revolves around eating.


Danielle Mileham

Office Manager

After earning a degree in marketing from Illinois State University, Danielle began her career at Model as a marketing intern. During her internship Danielle was able to create and execute social media and branding strategies. After completing her internship, Danielle became Model’s Administrative Assistant where she continues to work on furthering her knowledge of the industry. Danielle is also learning the ever so important art of the meme. This critical skill may just be the smoking gun that propels her into the future.

In her spare time Danielle enjoys spending time with friends and family watching movies and exploring St. Louis.