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With something as critical as your IT infrastructure, you can’t afford to have a project go off the rails. Perhaps you need additional manpower to make sure everything goes smoothly. Perhaps you would benefit from another level of expertise given the complexity of client, data center, and cloud automation.

When you’re looking for a partner to help you with your project, Model is equipped with the industry experience to ensure your project’s success. Our consulting practice focuses on client and data center automation through the use of tool sets such as Microsoft System Center, Azure, and PowerShell. We stay narrowly focused to provide top-level expertise in automation, but often think beyond individual tools to provide dynamic solutions to enable IT efficiencies aligned with your business objectives.

Your partner beyond project completion.

Our mission is to become a long-term partner to your organization beyond project completion.  Understanding how your business operates and applying our industry knowledge and experience can help you achieve automation enlightenment.

The result:

A scalable and elastic IT infrastructure

Faster time-to-value on infrastructure investments

A predictable and secure platform

A framework for rapid adoption of new technology

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While it seems that we’ve been talking about OS deployment for years, we at Model have deep expertise in creating holistic imaging solutions for servers and workstations. Whether you’re looking to create a dynamic server imaging request process using VMWare or Virtual Machine Manager that span data centers or your business requires a zero touch workstation imaging solution spanning the globe, Model has the expertise for your project.

We have the know how to design the user experience from ground up including separation of user-data from the workstation, design and configuration or group policies/OU’s, establishing role-based or user-based application deployments during imaging, leveraging truly custom Model User Driven interfaces (Leveraging PowerShell), dynamic BitLocker unlock during WinPE boot, and custom task sequence inventory tattooing are all solutions we’ve implemented in production environments.

At Model we cover the entire System Center stack. Whether you’re looking to use Service Manager as your CMDB that pulls data from SCCM and Active Directory, using Automated Activities from Orchestrator to fulfill Service Requests or dual-homing your Microsoft monitoring (SCOM) agent to feed data to SCOM and OMS for log analytics, we’ve got you covered. Our System Center experience expands outside of the traditional Windows Operating System into the Linux world.

Extending the System Center stack is something we are passionate about. We’ve built custom solutions to get even more out of your System Center investment including a custom web service and database to automate application approval workflows in SCCM and an Automation portal that provides a simple unified interface for Azure Automation, Orchestrator, and SMA. Check out our products portal for more information on all of our packaged solutions and custom System Center solutions.

We love all things automation! One of our favorite automation engines is Azure Automation. Azure Automation is truly the way to enable automation in a hybrid data center environment. By leveraging runbook workers on-prem and solid runbook design principles, we’re able to use one set of runbooks to create a unified automation platform that is agnostic of execution location (including other cloud platforms!).

We’ve developed several pre-packaged Azure Automation runbook scripts for solving common issues that continue to plague IT administrators, like server patching. Our approach to server patching accommodates pre-patching processes, post-patching processes, high-availability server sets, custom maintenance windows (from SCCM and Active Directory), and best of all leverages SCCM natively! If you’re looking to solve server patching check out our products page.

The proliferation of devices and thus management, cloud identity, and secure data access is rapidly becoming the norm for many organizations.  Model has the expertise to help move your organization into the mobile workforce era.

The Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) is the foundation for this.  We can help you implement a hybrid cloud identity platform that gives you the ability to provide self-service password reset, multi-factor authentication for cloud and on-premises applications, data protection with rights management, and holistic mobile device management (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) that can be integrated into your existing SCCM infrastructure for unified device management or used as a standalone cloud-based management platform.

As you bring Windows 10 into your mobile workforce, Model can help you develop a Cloud first management platform using technology like Azure Active Directory domain join with automatic Intune enrollment from any internet connection across the globe allowing you to deploy policies, and applications to your Windows 10 devices that never connect to your company intranet.

Model’s expertise in automation traverses client and datacenter infrastructure.  We can help you get out from under the grind of administrative tasks by utilizing technology such as PowerShell, System Center, and Azure Automation to streamline your administration.

We have developed automation workflows to streamline the monthly patch processes, provide robust self-service access to VM’s or Desktop applications, as well as Zero Touch OS deployments on a global scale.

We can help you create robust workflows that interact with a multitude of technologies and streamline processes, putting you in the driver seat to manage the automation, instead of the tasks.  Free yourself from the mundane and you can become the IT hero that focuses on the big picture, keeping your organization moving forward.

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