Normalize Input, Set Permission, and Delegate all of your automation from a single easy to use portal.

Automation engineers spend hours creating repeatable tasks via runbooks and PowerShell scripts. These automation gems require specific parameters and working knowledge of the underlying automation engine/language in order to consume, which results in very little delegation of automation outside of a select few in IT because, let’s face it, who wants to give end users access to Azure Automation, Orchestrator, or SMA?  These are awesome automation tools, for sure; however, they are not designed for your average end user.

The Model Portal provides a mechanism for your enterprise to quickly consume automation without the need to understand the complex backend engines, ensuring standardized input and predictable execution. Our customizable and easy-to-use interface allows your company to instantly delegate automation runbooks from Microsoft Orchestrator, Service Management Operation, or Azure Automation with the click of a button.

Model Portal
Azure Automation
  Connect to multiple automation engines
  Create PowerhShell workflow Runbooks
  Create PowerhShell Script Runbooks
  Create graphical Runbooks
  Define custom controls for normalized input
  Define dynamic controls sourced from SQL
  Define dynamic controls sourced from Active Directory
  Easy-to-use HTML5 Administration Interface
  Normalize input with friendly names
  Easily connect to multiple Active Directory Forests
  Combine runbooks into secured end user dashboards
  Group actions into dashboard sprockets
  Delegate actions and sprockets via AD Security Groups
  Eliminate priviledges to Runbook automation
  Easily revoke access to all automation engines
  No requirement to know complex automation engine
  Friendly easy-to-use HTML5 end user dashboard
  One-click execution of runbook automation
  Normalized input to ensure automation success
  Runbook execution auditing
  Unprecedented ability for automation consumption with zero technical level


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