Henry Ford’s creation of the Ford Model T car in 1908 was undoubtedly brilliant, but it was not what made him a pioneer. Ford’s true vision was brought to life when he fine-tuned the assembly line mode of production and enacted a method of keeping the best workers loyal to his company.

You see, he didn’t invent the product. He perfected the process. And he honored the people who worked hard to make it possible. In that, he revolutionized an industry.

Automation fascinates us, and helping businesses achieve their objectives through automation is our professional reason for being. Our team has invested years of our lives studying and perfecting the art of automation, and we are excited to share our expertise to help you see the breakthroughs for your business.

Just as equally, Model is passionate about cultivating a strong IT community. We know that our brand is a reflection of our people, and therefore we are committed to cultivating an empowered, champion technologist culture. And, beyond the Model team, we are invested in contributing to the growth of Microsoft technologies and the world of innovators who support it.

Whether it’s consulting to help make the most of your Windows 10 investment, or managed services to automate your processes and keep your staff freed up for business-driving initiatives, Model can help. Get in touch today and see how we can help take your business to the next level.

It’s not a pipe dream.  Our decades of collective experience have give us the knowledge and ability to automate mundane and repetitive infrastructure activities. How can we help you?


We understand happy business users are what it’s all about. When endpoint and data-center automation works well, nobody notices. That’s the point.


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We're comfortable working in complex, regulated, global environments.

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Many of our clients start with us for one product, but then they just keep coming back for more.


 Jason Rutherford
Jason RutherfordManaging Partner
William Bracken
William BrackenPartner
Jesse Walter
Jesse WalterPartner
Gabriel Taylor
Gabriel TaylorSolutions Architect / Delivery Team Lead
Danielle Mileham
Danielle MilehamOffice Manager
Terry Stringer
Terry StringerSr. Manager UEMaaS
Nick Taylor
Nick TaylorSr. Consultant
Frank Gause
Frank GauseService Engineer
Amy Zita
Amy ZitaConsultant
Brett Grawe
Brett GraweConsultant
Rob Dowell
Rob DowellSr. System Engineer
Kevin Garner
Kevin GarnerService Engineer
Brad Price
Brad PriceSr. Consultant
Zy Faulkingham
Zy FaulkinghamConsultant
Steve Bowman
Steve BowmanPartner
Kyle Kellis
Kyle KellisAssociate Engineer
Tony Perkins
Tony PerkinsAssociate Engineer
Daniel Netwal
Daniel NetwalConsultant
William Hamilton
William HamiltonConsultant

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