Comprehensive Azure Infrastructure Expertise

At Model, we have all angles of Azure infrastructure mastered, from migrations and management to automation and monitoring.

Moving to the Azure cloud and entering the Azure Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) world can be challenging. Our consultants ease complicated Azure migration and management processes, with experience in:

  • Migrating on-premise servers to Azure virtual machines (VMs), including automation of VM creation
  • Setting up virtual networks
  • Expanding data centers, backing up on-premise servers to the cloud for a warm data center flip
  • Determining server sizes
  • Establishing port access
  • Operationalizing the management of Azure VMs, including building a plan for hybrid management
  • …and more

Whether you are looking to setup your tenant and subscription, or expanding your offerings to the business, Model can automate many of the aspects to ensure consistency of the environment while also providing a knowledge hand-off to your operations team.

Specialists In Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS)

Here at Model, we know your infrastructure can span numerous locations, between cloud platforms, on-premises data centers, and more. Microsoft knows this too, and has developed OMS to provide tools and services for your infrastructure, regardless of where your servers are located. OMS is a collection of Azure-based services for managing the hybrid infrastructure, providing tools to monitor, protect, automate, and analyze your infrastructure to stay ahead of any issues. At Model, we’re experts in OMS, providing services in configuring, deploying, and using the services, along with building solutions leveraging those tools to power your business.

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