We Have Win 7 and 10… Do I Need to Upgrade to Windows 10?

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This is something I hear (or see) often when working with clients. They have a bunch of machines running Windows 7, but they need to invest in some new hardware…all of which comes with Windows 10. So now they are operating in an environment with both. The question naturally comes up: Do I need to […]

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Admins Toolbox – PowerShell oneliners

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Microsoft’s PowerShell can be an awesome tool to manage the Windows operating system, as well as the Azure cloud. What is PowerShell used for? Put simply, Microsoft created PowerShell to make things like task automation and configuration management easier. Admins like it because: It’s open source It’s more powerful than the Command Prompt It lets […]

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Windows 10 Version 1809 Rollout: What you need to know

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Windows 10 Redstone 5 (version 1809) is expected to rollout in October 2018. This means that Windows Update servers will begin delivering the Windows 10 version 1809 update to all installations of Windows 10 running for at least 30 days.   This version has some new features, many of which the windows community is excited […]

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What is Patch Management and Why Does It Matter?

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First, what is patch management? Patch management is simply the process of acquiring, testing, and installing patches (and possibly other upgrades) for software applications. And it is the simplest, most effective thing you and your organization can do to minimize your risk profile, especially when it comes to cyber attacks.   That said, many organizations […]

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Top 10 Desktop Security Risks and How to Fix Them (2018 edition)

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Desktop security risks are an unfortunate constant in any environment. Not a year goes by where we don’t hear about a high-profile cyber attack or data breach. Target, Home Depot, Adobe… the list of high-profile targets is large and growing. And we’ve all heard about threats like Wanna Crypt and Bad Rabbit.   Although threats […]

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Model Technology Solutions Welcomes Steve Bowman as Vice President of Sales

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Model Technology Solutions, a St. Louis-based consulting and managed services provider specializing in IT automation, announces the addition of Steve Bowman as vice president of sales. Bowman will lead Model’s sales strategy and execution, with a key focus on expanding the company’s proven managed services offering locally and regionally.   “Our primary goal in selecting […]

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I CNAME What You Did There

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Hi all!  I have a tendency to blog about what I’ve been seeing in the field lately and for some reason SQL Always On Availability Group Installs have been coming our way. One thing I always recommend when putting a new cluster in place is adding a CNAME in front of your listener string.  In […]

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OMS Log Analytics: Parsing Custom Fields On The Fly

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Summary The new Log Analytics query language contains a host of new keywords, statements, functions, and operators, making it easier than ever to do more with your data. Today’s focus is on the new “parse” keyword which allows a user to extract multiple custom fields from their data dynamically during a query, enabling users to […]

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Set IE as default for Windows 10 Intune (SCCM/Hybrid) clients

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One of the first questions we are generally asked with Windows 10 is “How do I make Internet Explorer my default browser instead of Edge?”   Now we could have a whole discussion around Edge vs IE, but that’s not the point of this post. 🙂   Today’s post we will outline changing the default […]

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SCCM and MDT OSD with BitLocker OH MY!

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While working with a client on an in-place upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 utilizing an SCCM task sequence integrated with MDT, I ran into some unexpected issues. First let’s look at the Disable BitLocker step in the SCCM MDT task sequence.   “Enable BitLocker” step is nothing more than an execution of a [...]

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