You likely shouldn’t do this with endpoint management. It’s far more effective and cost-effective to partner with a team of endpoint management pros who can help for less than the cost of a full time endpoint management engineer. Why?

  1. You may employ super smart tech people, but they are trying to keep up with business initiatives alongside trying to stay on top of endpoint management.

  2. Your team may not have the deep technical skills to get the most use out of your endpoint management platform.  As such, you may need to hire at least one engineer (possibly more) to rationalize and normalize your endpoint management platform.

  3. Qualified and highly technical endpoint management engineers can be hard to find. The average salary of a quality engineer is about $100,000. That’s far more than an average UEM partnership costs with us.  Of the 40+ hours they work a week, is a good bet that 35-40% of their time is booked with additional tasks, projects, and meetings. I know this, I was a sysadmin for a lot of years.

  4. And then what if you train them, raise them up, and then they decide move on to other opportunities?  The process to find a qualified engineer starts yet again.

Effective and efficient endpoint management can be complex and time-consuming. So rather than go at it alone, you can partner up with Model Technology Solutions.