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How Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner Improved Productivity and Increased Revenue

Prior to 2013, tasks as simple as logging in each morning took up to five minutes for Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner’s lawyers. Not only that, but operating system refreshes were a frequent necessity, and took several hours to complete, impacting attorneys’ abilities to work efficiently.

Because of the firm’s expansive reach, there were also inconsistencies in how software updates were being deployed. The BCLP office in France requires a French keyboard layout, for example. The firm’s desktop imaging system needs to accommodate for multiple languages.

Infrastructure issues like these were decreasing the firm’s total billable hours, and threatening lawyers’ ability to research, document, and argue
cases effectively.

“I can’t tell you
how much I’ve
appreciated Model’s
expertise, efforts on
our behalf, ideas,
and guidance…”

Susan Taylor
Assistant Manager of User Experience
Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner

Enter Model Technology Solutions. The Model team upgraded BCLP’s infrastructure and created a dynamic
desktop system that could perform upgrades, deliver software to all their locations, and ensure that,
post-update, all 3,000+ endpoints were up and running in about an hour.

The Speed of Success

Five years later, BCLP has a higher percentage of security compliant workstations and an Operating System refresh task sequence that is 30 minutes faster than it was previously. Overall, the changes have enabled faster adoption of technologies, faster training, and faster problem resolution. And for BCLP, time is money. For example, the simple task of logging in and accessing software now takes attorneys 40% less time. This efficiency gives them a jumpstart on billable time for the day. With more than 1400 attorneys, the firm’s revenue potential increases quickly.

Today, Model continues to successfully manage all BCLP’s infrastructure updates, application installs, versioning of new software, driver sets and hardware configurations; all with SLAs to ensure the firm remains compliant. Now, their internal IT staff is able to focus on other strategic initiatives while Model handles the basics.

The Back Story

Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner (BCLP) was founded in St. Louis in 1873. Since then, they’ve grown into an international firm with 1,400 lawyers in 32 offices across North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Today, BCLP practices in more than 90 areas of law and is dedicated to being a fully inclusive workspace. With offices from Abu Dhabi to Washington, D.C., the firm’s geographic footprint and technology investments allow attorneys to work together to serve clients all over the world.

Law firms like BCLP, and other organizations in specialized industries, such as hospitals, aren’t traditionally IT focused. But in the modern business landscape, it has become necessary for companies of all shapes and sizes to employ dedicated IT professionals to lead their digital transformation, head up their device management infrastructure such as System Center Configuration Management (SCCM), as well as other IT functions and responsibilities.

Experience Matters

Organizations tend to rely on their IT pro’s knowledge for ‘basic tasks’ such as patch management or workstation builds. Because these tasks aren’t necessarily strategic, they become one of many assigned to an IT staffer, who has an average of fewer than five years of experience. These employees can keep things running but may not have the experience or time necessary to help their companies gain efficiencies that can have a positive impact on their bottom lines. While on the surface these tasks seem basic, they can have a significant influence on the business’ efficiency.

Model Technology Solutions manages BCLP’s desktop infrastructure, including SCCM and imaging components. Model has several individuals with 15+ years of dedicated experience in the device management realm. Their history of dedicated experience in the SCCM world sealed the deal. “With that much time dedicated to a specific niche in IT, you learn efficiencies in the toolset,” explains Jason Rutherford, Managing Partner at Model.

BCLP livelihood depends on billing hours, so it’s critical that their technology enables attorneys to dedicate the necessary time on client projects, rather than dealing with outdated tools and unnecessary delays. With Model handling the ‘lights on’ tasks, BCLP’s IT staff is freed up to focus on engineering new technology solutions that further enable their attorneys, so that they experience as little down time as possible.

“We rely on Model for a wide range of tasks, but more importantly we depend on them as valuable team members and as an extension of our internal resources,” explains BCLP’s Assistant Manager of User Experience, Susan Taylor. “They can be trusted not just to perform the contracted tasks, but to also ask pertinent questions, provide relevant solutions, and give us the best possible work products and processes.”

Global Impact

Model automated the dynamics of these deployments to make everything on the back end identical, and dynamically changed settings in the task sequence. Now, all those differences are deployed dynamically, saving the BCLP team time—and money.

From hitting the power button to logging in, Model was able to reduce the time it takes BCLP’s attorneys to get started each day from almost five minutes to under three. Giving an attorney a few extra minutes back a day doesn’t seem like much, but when you consider that there are 250 work days in a year, that adds up to more than eight hours per attorney. And when 1400 attorneys, billing an average of $250 an hour, are able to avoid constant distractions and delays, BCLP has the potential to earn an additional $3M per year in revenue—a significant upswing.

“Most organizations across all industries deal with these IT issues,” Jason explains. “What we do for BCLP isn’t groundbreaking. It’s our high level of service that we insist upon that ensures they remain efficient and profitable.”

“I can’t tell you how much I’ve appreciated Model’s expertise, efforts on our behalf, ideas, and guidance,” Susan says. With their SCCM managed and their infrastructure in place, BCLP is poised for even more growth and continued success.

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