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We’re experts in Microsoft IT solutions. We’re a Microsoft Partner with multiple Gold and Silver proficiencies, and our team has decades of combined experience helping companies like yours in diverse industries to drive their digital transformations using Microsoft’s powerful solution set.

Do you own and use Microsoft 365, Azure services, or other Microsoft solutions? Thinking about purchasing? If so, these are powerful tools, and we want to help you ensure that you’re getting the greatest return on your investment that you can.

Through our flexible engagement options, we can help you to license, plan, configure, deploy, and manage your Microsoft services and infrastructure, both cloud and on-premises. As your trusted partner in Microsoft IT, we’ll be a guide and support for your internal IT team to adeptly use your tools to:

  • Improve the digital experience for everyone at your organization
  • Keep your team and users productive and doing their best work
  • Increase your cybersecurity and compliance rates
  • Get the most from your Microsoft investments
    Increase your IT team’s efficiency and empower them to get more done
  • And so much more.

Whether we work together for a single project or we help you to manage some part of your environment, our expert consultants will help you to solve your most complex IT problems and use your technology better, faster, and more cost-effectively to modernize your environment from end to end.


Microsoft 365, Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, and Help-Desk Services

Microsoft 365 Services

Deploy and manage M365 to keep your users and IT team empowered, happy, productive, and secure.

Endpoint Management | Use Microsoft Endpoint Manager to provision, configure, secure, and update your endpoint devices, manage your users’ experience, and fuel their daily processes.  Explore

Threat Management | Use Microsoft 365 Defender to rapidly and proactively identify and prevent threats to your business systems and infrastructure. Explore

Compliance Management | Use Microsoft Purview and Compliance Manager to enforce and automate the governance, risk, and protection of your business data. Explore

Identity Management | Use Microsoft Entra and Azure AD to manage organization identity life cycles and resource access with Zero Trust strategies. Explore

Collaboration Management | Use Microsoft 365 Apps, Teams, Exchange, and more to provide your users with powerful cloud-based collaboration tools and manage the infrastructure supporting them. Explore

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Services

Protect your organization from modern cyber threats through our cybersecurity and Microsoft 365 threat management consulting services. Explore

Cloud and Datacenter Infrastructure

Get the most out of your cloud and on-premises server infrastructure for the least amount of work and costs through our Microsoft CDI consulting services. Explore


Tier 1 Help Desk Support

Get top tier Microsoft help desk support through our Microsoft help desk services, without spending more on staff or equipment costs. Explore

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Trained & Trusted by Microsoft

We’re a Microsoft Partner, and we’re constantly expanding our Microsoft competencies.

Gold Cloud Platform

Gold Windows Devices

Gold Application Development

Silver Application Integration

Silver Cloud Productivity

Solutions Partner | Infrastructure (In-Progress)

Solutions Partner | Modern Work (In-Progress)

Solutions Partner | Security (In-Progress)

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Customer Success Stories

We’re a Microsoft Partner, and we’re constantly expanding our Microsoft competencies.

[Case Study] How Air Methods Saves Lives and Protects Critical Data on the Fly

With lives on the line every day, downtime simply isn’t an option for emergency transport service, Air Methods. Air-based computers are critical to the company’s ability to receive dispatch requests, launch helicopters, and save lives. But prior to 2018, the company’s...

[Case Study] How Model Technology Solutions Helped a Fast-Growing Health Management Company With Their Infrastructure

In any healthcare field, compliance and security are critical. For one of our clients, compliance and security patches, as well as routine infrastructure tasks, were becoming a critical bottleneck that threatened to jeopardize standardization and security. Manual...

[Case Study] Taming the “Wild West” for a Windows 10 Enterprise Upgrade

The Scenario A global leader in manufacturing and consumer goods wanted to upgrade their fleet of in-place computers to Windows 10. Naturally, this required the creation of a Windows 10 image, setting of group policies, application packaging, and deployment. However,...


Your Microsoft investment has great potential. But to tap into that potential, it helps to have extensive Microsoft expertise supporting you to reach your goals. Whatever your need, we can help you use your tools to drive your digital transformation, keep things safe, get things done, create a better digital experience, reach your business goals, and achieve radical IT results across the board.

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