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Infrastructure Leaders Roundtable


Several of our Infrastructure Leader Client/Partners  identified that there aren’t many opportunities for Infrastructure Leaders to get together and peer share.

There was general desire to discuss, in a casual environment, topics like:

  • Market Dynamics
  • Technology Trends
  • Whatever Microsoft has going on that quarter
  • Best Practices & Lessons Learned
  • Hiring Challenges and Successes

Model now hosts an in-Person and Online Invitation Only Quarterly Infrastructure Leader Round-table for Infrastructure Leaders to meet, collaborate and discuss the common issues they face.

The target audience for this group is decision makers below the C-level and above the individual Engineer level who are responsible for Infrastructure and the conversation is casual and member directed.

Next Session 11/21 4:30 CST

At the last meeting attendees identified the following topics as ones they’d like to discuss further

  • Security – CISO relationships, Telemetry, Risk assessments & It Asset Policy

  • ATP Flavors – Exchange, Defender, O365 – Smartlinks – Safelinks – attack simulator

  • Azure – cost containment, Microsoft e3/e5 – licensing

  • Remote Connection – Remoting policy , RDP – PowerShell

  • PowerShell  – Security, VBS & batch, auditing, logging (selling CISO on PS)

  • Packaging – SCCM, Intune, Mobile, PS app deploy toolkit

  • Autopilot – Whiteboard use cases

  • Teams / Voice – PBX vs skype vs Teams

  • Intune CoMgmt – best practices

  • OneDrive – folder redirection – use that free storage!

It won’t hurt at all!.

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