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In-Place Upgrade Hydration Kit

Expedite the creation of a Windows 10 upgrade deployment process


  • Creates the following: 

    • PreCache and Compatibility Scan Task Sequence
    • This Task Sequence will perform
    • Readiness check for Disk Space (20GB free required)
    • Precache all content required for the IPU in the local SCCM Client cache
    • Run a compatibility scan to report if any software or drivers will block the upgrade.
    • In place Upgrade Task Sequence
    • This Task Sequence performs the in-place upgrade using the content that has been pre-cached to the local machine.  Once the content has been pre-cached the upgrade can run offline, while on VPN , or while connected to the corporate network.
    • OneVinn Windows 10 Scheduling tool
  • This tool provided a dialog to the user with the number of days remaining to upgrade themselves before the upgrade will happen automatically. The user is presented with the option to:

    • Upgrade now (starts the In place upgrade Task Sequences right away)
    • Schedule (Allows the user to schedule the upgrade for a time convenient for them)
    • Minimize (The user can minimize the dialog, which will re-appear on a schedule agreed upon by the client (i.e. every 2 hours, etc.)).
    • Once the deadline is within 3 days (by default) the minimize button is no longer available and the user can only Upgrade or schedule the upgrade. This dialog will remain top most on the screen until one of the 2 actions is taken.

    • Integrate OSDI
    • Wrap into the End User Experience package
    • Update Notification User Interface


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