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Objur Frequently Asked Questions

What OS/environment does Objur work with?2020-06-26T13:45:17-06:00

Objur is designed specifically for the Windows 10 operating system.

How big/small of a network will Objur work on?2020-06-26T13:45:47-06:00

Technically, Objur can work on a network of any size. However, we did develop it for use in larger network environments (1,000+ endpoints/machines), and priced it with that in mind.

Does Objur work with MECM? Azure? Intune?2020-08-25T09:02:56-06:00

Objur is designed to work hand-in-hand with MECM.  If you would like to discuss specific details of your network environment and compatibility with Objur, please contact our VP of Sales and Marketing, Steve Bowman.

How much does Objur cost? Does the cost change with the number of endpoints or licenses?2020-06-26T13:48:13-06:00

Because Objur is naturally meant for larger environments, we decided to release it via an annual license at a flat cost of $12,000/year. This price is independent of the number of endpoints or locations (as long as all locations are on the same network).

I want a free trial. Why do I have to give you a credit card?2020-06-26T13:48:29-06:00

We collect your credit card information at the point of purchase, but we will not bill your credit card until your 3 month trial has ended. We will send you a reminder just before your trial ends so you have an opportunity to cancel your order. If you do not cancel your order, your credit card will be charged accordingly.

I’ve bought Objur (signed up for the free trial). Now what?2020-07-09T09:59:55-06:00

You will now be able to download the main Objur bundle. The install wizard will guide you through the install process. If you have an questions or difficulties at this point, you are encouraged to email our customer service representative at objur@model-technology.com. We also offer consulting to handle set-up and automation as an additional service, billed at our hourly rate.

OK, what the heck does “Objur” really mean?2020-06-26T13:49:32-06:00

“Objur” has a double-meaning here. First, it is a transliteration of an armenian word (աղբյուր) that refers to a fountain, spring, or other source of water—fitting for a product that helps with OS hydration. Second, it is related to the English word “objure,” which means to urge or bind someone under an oath—again, fitting for a tool that urges user updates while having them promise (swear?) that they will comply with appropriate updates.

There’s a feature I’d like to see. How do I communicate that?2020-07-09T10:05:29-06:00

We are certainly open to suggestions for new or improved features for the next version of Objur. Please email your ideas to objur@model-technology.com.

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