If it seems like we’ve been talking about OS deployment forever, it’s because Model’s consultants have incomparable years of experience and depth of expertise in creating holistic imaging solutions for servers and workstations. We could write the book on OS deployment automation but we are too busy out-innovating it at every turn.

Whether you’re looking to create a dynamic server imaging request process using VMware or Virtual Machine Manager that spans data centers, or your business requires a zero-touch workstation imaging solution spanning the globe, Model has the proficiency for your project.

We have the know-how to design the user experience from the ground up, including the separation of user data from the workstation, design and configuration of group policies/OU’s, and the establishment of role-based or user-based application deployments during imaging. We’ve implemented a multitude of solutions in production environments that utilize truly custom Model user-driven interfaces (leveraging PowerShell), dynamic BitLocker unlock during WinPE boot, and custom task sequence inventory tattooing. These are simply thought-starters. The sky is the limit.

Get in touch and we’ll help you unlock the power of your organization’s infrastructure using our OS deployment automation solutions.

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