Ebook: Patch Management Strategy Guide

Secure Your Environment Through Better Patching

Efficient patching is essential to your cybersecurity. Unpatched endpoints are one of the two top vulnerabilities exploited by cybercriminals to access your environment and steal your data.

From the importance of patch management to how to sell it to decisionmakers, in this ebook you’ll learn everything about planning for, implementing, and maintaining effective patch management in your environment.

Model completely stepped in to take care of all the updates and testing that was lots of work for me. I’m no longer the bottleneck for the team!

Anonymous By Request, VP of Cybersecurity and Infrastructure | A Global Private Equity Firm

We don’t have to do a lot of the leg work that would come with deploying packages. We’ve got hundreds of computers on our network, and they make the process easy.

Ian Blanchette, MiTek | Construction

Love hearing this from our customers after Patch Tuesday: “Thanks again for another flawless (server patch) rollout to large group of single points of failure!”

National Healthcare Logistics Client

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