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Operating System Deployment Insights (OSDI)

Model’s Operating System Deployment Insights (OSDI) is a framework and tool-set created by Model to obtain deep insights into OS deployment metrics, insights and visibility previously unavailable to most system administrators.  OSDI used PowerShell to reach down to BIOS level data to surface opportunities for improvement and can even analyze machine failure trends and significantly reduces mean time to remediate OSD trouble tickets

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  • Analyze endpoint failure trends

  • BIOS level insights

  • Identify opportunities to improve task sequence

  • Reduce build times

  • Reduce mean time to remediate build trouble tickets

Automated Patching Solution (APS)

Model’s automated patching solution (APS) is a framework and toolset that makes server patching substantially easier. Leveraging your existing investments, Model’s APS unites your patching processes, Active Directory, automation engine (Service Management Automation or Azure Automation) and System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) environment with our custom PowerShell runbooks and SQL database to automate all aspects of server patching.

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  • Patch by owner, server environment, group, server name and role

  • Supports multi-tenant environments and custom server groups with patching orders defined

  • Define custom server roles with pre- and post-patching runbook execution

  • Parallel execution to patch a high number of servers in a small maintenance window

  • Execution history logging

  • PowerShell based automation for ease of administration

Dynamic Deployment Interface (DDI)

The Dynamic Deployment Interface (DDI) is a PowerShell-based GUI created to facilitate dynamic branching actions in SCCM or MDT-based task sequences.

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  • Single-page form, providing the best administrative experience possible

  • Allows the dynamic selection software to be installed during the task sequence, either individually or by defined group

  • Provides flexibility to rename the imaged machine and select location of the object, allowing most pre-and-post installation tasks to be automated during the build process

Update Notification User Interface (UNUI)
The Update Notification User Interface is an application that detects available updates or pending reboots stemming from updates or applications deployed via SCCM, and provides the end-user with the ability to install or reboot at their leisure, while providing a maximum time limit to ensure security requirements are met.
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  • Able to customize displayed text, countdown timer, scan interval, and maximum deferral count

  • Provides the end-user awareness that action is needed, while giving the flexibility to install or reboot in the least impactful way

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