Windows 10 is an operating system environment that functions quite differently than its predecessors. Under traditional circumstances, customization, application testing, deployment scenarios, and ongoing operational management are a tall order. But with Windows 10 comes advanced features and an entirely new servicing model, adding complexity to your already nuanced environment.

That’s where we come in. Model’s experts bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to your project to make sure you are capitalizing on all Windows 10 has to offer, especially as it relates to security and operationalizing management of Windows 10. We are also available to train your team to increase their comfort level with the operating system.

Whether you’re using a light-touch scenario with our proprietary PowerShell user-driven installation (UDI) screen, or you have a zero-touch project in the works, Model’s consultants can help. In many cases, we can reduce the number of images managed and – through automation – we can ensure end-consumer predictability while maintaining a dynamic imaging infrastructure and improving user experience.

Reach out today to learn more about:

  • New or updated security features
  • Operationalizing Windows 10
  • Automating your base image build and your image deployments
  • Improving user experience

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