I'm scared to death to click the deploy Win10 button!

David | Director of Systems at a global equipment manufacturer
An IT Decision Maker hides under a desk, timidly preparing to execute a deploy command.

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Sound familiar?

Windows 10 offers a load of business benefits, including state-of-the-art features.

Microsoft's new delivery model also comes with the promise of regular updates and a new version about every 18 months.

15% of company IT budgets are earmarked for managed services.1

Companies need a trusted partner that can manage these releases to ensure security, uptime, and compliance.

Model Technology Solutions' Continuous Delivery Management (CDM) service for Win10 eliminates the worry and simplifies the upgrade and patching of each new release so that you can focus on your business and your customers.

We're experts in the Windows operating system, its deployment, and maintenance.

With each new release, our team evaluates and remediates:

  • New features against current environment
  • Deployment strategy:
    • User targeting and update ring identification
    • Windows version management
    • OS configuration recommendation
  • Application compatibility and QOS management
  • ADMX/ADML group policy management
  • SCCM management
    • Task sequence updates and testing
  • WIM build
    • Imaging testing
  • Regression test core image components
    • Core applications
    • User data configuration
    • Custom image configurations
  • Change control documentation updates
  • Support staff training on features or configurations
  • Self-service and automated deployment

CDM Service for Win10 saves you valuable staff time, reduces risk and frustration, and helps to ensure security, uptime, and compliance. Our CDM Service includes:

  • Quarterly updating and recapturing of the current WIM
  • Updating the new Windows 10 OS version as it is released
  • Creating and managing a Windows 10 to Windows 10 in-place upgrade task sequence
  • Creating and managing a PXE-based task sequence for bare metal builds
  • Collaborating with client to deploy the new versions in a test and pilot scenario
  • Scheduling client-guided phased deployments of the upgraded Operating System
  • Working with client to remediate any failures during deployment
  • Importing and distribution of driver sets as needed for the imaging process
  • SCCM environment upgrades as needed for new versions of Windows 10
  • Quarterly and Annual reporting

Other available managed services from Model Technology Solutions:

Model's CDM service for Windows makes it easy to keep up with Microsoft's innovation cycle and your own digital transformation. Focus on what you do best and leave the redeployment and patching to us.

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