What modern management of Windows 10 looks like with Windows AutoPilot, Azure AD, SCCM, and Intune
By Steve Bowman
Published August 24, 2017
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Your organization can support various operating systems across a wide range of device types, and manage them through a common set of tools such as SCCM, Microsoft Intune, or other third-party products. This “managed diversity” enables you to empower your employees to benefit from the productivity enhancements available on their new Windows 10 computers, while still maintaining your standards for security and manageability. It can help you and your organization benefit from Windows 10 much faster. Now when your employee needs a new computer, they can purchase a Windows 10 computer, connect it to Wifi, login with their work credentials – and in a few minutes depending on internet speeds – they will be working, line-of-business applications will be installed, and the employee’s personal settings are synced to the new computer.


One way to achieve this is with Windows AutoPilot, a suite of capabilities powered by cloud-based services, designed to simplify deployment and management of new Windows 10 computers along with enhancements to Mobile Device Management and new Device Health features in Windows Analytics.


Utilizing Windows Analytics, organizations can use it to make sure they are ready for the latest Windows 10 release through Upgrade Readiness, as well as new Update Compliance features to ensure devices are up to date with the latest quality and feature updates.


To enable great experiences with Windows AutoPilot scenarios, MDM capabilities in Windows 10 can be configured to show progress during the device provisioning process, letting the employee know what configuration activities are in progress and when the device is ready to go. In addition, the employee can see information on what their organization is managing in Settings, thereby ensuring transparency.


Windows AutoPilot Deployment works seamlessly with existing Azure Active Directory and Intune mobile device management (MDM) services, enabling a new computer to be easily transformed into a business-ready device: joined to Azure Active Directory, enrolled in Intune, transformed to Windows 10 Enterprise, settings applied, Office 365 apps and line-of-business apps installed.


This approach dramatically simplifies the setup a new device. No more images to create and maintain, less infrastructure is required, and any member of the organization can setup a new computer without needing any IT assistance. You can read more about Windows AutoPilot, and be sure to register to join us on September 12, 2017 at 10:00 am central time for our webinar, “Understanding the Technical Features of Windows 10,” to learn even more.

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