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Centralized Reporting Data for All Microsoft Environments

Our Unified Endpoint Management as a Service recently created a single-pane-of-glass solution for aggregating a broad spectrum of data from the different Microsoft endpoint software into one convenient PowerBI dashboard.

This dashboard:

  • Centralizes a massive amount of data about your endpoints from multiple software into a single dashboard
  • Displays the data in easy-to-understand visuals
  • Allows you to query, search, filter, and export data for a variety of endpoint management purposes

Video Demos

The dashboard can be configured for both on-premises and cloud-based environments and pulls data from different locations depending on the type of infrastructure that you use. Once configured, the dashboard displays data from these sources in neat, clean, and interactive displays so it’s quickly and easily available for a variety of purposes.


Pulls From:

  • Configuration Manager
  • Optionally, Model UEMDB (A small but powerful middleware database)


Pulls From:

  • Microsoft Intune
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Azure Graph
  • Log Analytics
  • Defender for Endpoint

Questions Or Concerns?

What Microsoft software is needed to utilize the Dashboard?2022-02-21T15:17:12-06:00

Here is what is deployed for the DEMO you saw in our lab. 

  • Power BI Pro Licenses – Used to publish online and share results
  • Power BI Gateway server – Used to complete scheduled refreshes of data in the dataset
  • Azure Active Directory P1 or higher – Used for pulling data and housing the enterprise application exposing graph API
  • Application Registration configured in Azure AD – Used for securely querying Managed Device and Azure AD data the following permissions are required:
    • GraphAPI – Delegated Permissions
      • “DeviceManagementApps.Read.All”,
      • “DeviceManagementConfiguration.Read.All”,
      • “DeviceManagementManagedDevices.Read.All”,
      • “DeviceManagementRBAC.Read.All”,
      • “DeviceManagementServiceConfig.Read.All”,
      • “DeviceManagementConfiguration.ReadWrite.All”,
      • “Group.Read.All”,
      • “User.Read”,
      • “User.Read.All”,
      • “Device.Read.All”,
      • “Reports.Read.All”,
      • “Policy.Read.ConditionalAccess”,
      • “Policy.Read.PermissionGrant”
    • Intune – delegated permissions
      • “Get_Data_warehouse”
    • Log Analtyics API – delegated permissions
      • “”
    • WindowsDefenderATP – delegated permissions
      • “”
      • “”
      • “”
      • “”
      • “”
      • “”
      • “”
      • “”
      • “”
      • “”
      • “”
      • “”
  • Permissions for the user authenticating
    • Rights to the AAD Enterprise application
    • PowerBI Pro License
    • Intune License
  • Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune) – Used for managing devices in the environment, populating the managed devices data from Graph API and inventory data from the devices
  • Defender for Endpoint Plan 2
  • WaaSUpdateInsights (update compliance) solution configured within Log Analytics – used for pulling update information for managed devices
    • With Telemetry set to pull the PC Name

To configure the report template into the PBIX for consumption of data you’ll need: 

  • Organization accounts with rights to:
    • Graph API Enterprise Application
    • Log Analytics WaaSUpdateInsights solution (update compliance)
    • Security API from Defender for Endpoint P2
  • The AppID from the Graph API Enterprise application
  • The Log Analytics workspace ID 
Can the dashboard pull from third party data sources?2022-02-21T15:17:38-06:00

Yes. The dashboard can be configured to pull from any software that uses some sort of an API that can be leveraged remotely. For the right project, if we can get to the data, we can present it in a way that’s consumable. 

How does the dashboard access the data?2022-02-21T15:18:11-06:00

Two ways. First, a custom connecter was written to access the data from Graph API. In the Azure AD tenant, we deploy a new enterprise application to the Graph API which exposes data, including Azure AD. Second, certain Microsoft software including Defender for Endpoint and Log Analytics use “out of the box” APIs that are called up from the query themselves and require a simple log in to your tenant to be imported. 

Can I edit the dashboard once it’s configured, and what kind of expertise would that require?2022-02-22T13:50:45-06:00

Yes, you can customize the dashboard to your needs once it’s configured. To do so would require a PowerBI license from Microsoft and an employee with a moderate familiarity with PowerBI. With these elements in place, the dashboard could be further configured to your needs and APIs updated as-needed.

However, support for customizations to the dashboard after of the initial implementation is complete are not included as part of the cost of the dashboard.
What is the baseline cost for the dashboard?2022-02-21T15:21:37-06:00

The cost for the dashboard is $12,500 for configuration. Additional knowledge transfer sessions are an additional $7,500. This is an early adopter cost, and the cost may go up in late 2022. 

If we buy in as an early adopter, are any future updates included in the cost?2022-02-21T15:19:54-06:00

Model will make updates and (support for said updates) available for deployment for up to 1 year after original configuration. 

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