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Comprehensive NIST-Based Cybersecurity Assessment

Identify cyber threats before they harm your organization.


The Bottom Line

A Comprehensive Look At Your Cybersecurity Maturity & Risks

Benchmark your cybersecurity maturity today and proactively defend against modern cyber threats. Through our comprehensive NIST-Based Cybersecurity Assessment, our expert cybersecurity architects will help you identify modern cyber threats your organization is vulnerable to and create an expert roadmap for your defense. You’ll get a holistic view of your organization’s cybersecurity posture and save countless resources by identifying the right cybersecurity projects you can undertake to improve your security. Don’t wait! Your costs could be far greater if you wait until after a successful cyberattack to invest in assessing your environment.

Initial assessment questionnaire takes 5-10 minutes to fill out.

Why Should You Take This Comprehensive Cybersecurity Assessment?

Are you worried about cyber threats harming your business? These days, everyone from the lowest employees to the highest C-level executives is a potential cybersecurity attack vector. Even if you do your best, all it takes is a single accidental wrong click in an email by an employee and, just like that, you’re the victim of a breach.

There’s so much to be done to protect your organization, but your IT team might not have the time or cybersecurity specialization to identify and prevent threats to the degree necessary to protect from modern and sophisticated cyber threats.

An expert assessment is a perfect place to start your cybersecurity transformation. Our comprehensive assessment is designed to benchmark the maturity, resiliency, weaknesses and strengths of your organization’s cybersecurity  and find the most cost-effective ways to improve, saving you time and countless costs wasted by doing the wrong projects or lost to a data breach.

What Does The Assessment Include?

At Model Technology Solutions, we’re experts in Microsoft-based cybersecurity. Through our comprehensive NIST-Based cybersecurity assessment, our cybersecurity solution architects will:

  • Do a high-level security framework and cybersecurity review of your entire organization’s processes and practices to your strengths and risks
  • Discover the weak spots in your critical infrastructure before cybercriminals find and use them to attack your business
  • Create a customized and cost-effective roadmap that you and management can use to prioritize the most cost-effective projects to improve your cybersecurity readiness

The assessment will give you a holistic look at your environment, create a strong foundation for building defense-in-depth, streamline your remediation process moving forward, and save your team’s precious time and budgetary resources by focusing on the right places to improve.

Initial assessment questionnaire takes 5-10 minutes to fill out.

Our Assessment Standards

We assess your environment using multiple professional cybersecurity standards, including:


A set of cybersecurity standards established at the intersection of state and federal legislation as well as the needs of the public sector regarding cybersecurity. Standards focus on cryptography, education and workforce, emerging technologies, risk management, identity and access management, measurements, privacy, trustworthy networks and trustworthy platforms. Includes 59 controls.


The CIS framework is a robust set of safeguards that help prevent the most-prevalent cyberattacks today. The most-recent version includes enhancements for cloud-based computing, virtualization, mobility, outsourcing, Work-from-Home, and changing attacker tactics in both cloud and hybrid environments. Includes 18 control areas and 153 sub controls.

The Benefits To Your Organization



Get a holistic view of your environment.



Rate your organization’s cybersecurity maturity across the board.



Compare your cybersecurity to other businesses in your industry.



See gaps in your defense.



Know the true cost of cyber threats to your environment.



Prioritize your risks for remediation.



Optimize IT spending by targeting the right projects and save your team countless hours of work.



Get buy-in from management to invest in cybersecurity solutions.



See how to streamline your remediation process and exactly where to plug your holes.



Use this knowledge to avoid disruptions to your business.



See where you could automate your cybersecurity processes for better results.



Tangibly improve your security posture.



Minimize the risk of cyberattacks and how much damage that they could cause.


Do you know how ready your environment is to defend against modern cyber threats? Through our Comprehensive NIST-Based Cybersecurity Assessment, you’ll identify key threats to your organization and create an expert strategy to plug those holes, saving your team the time, budget, and consequences of focusing on the wrong solutions. Start your assessment now on your own, then finish it together with our expert cybersecurity solution architects.

Initial assessment questionnaire takes 5-10 minutes to fill out.


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When you purchase an assessment, you’ll get access to a full year of our entire vCISO package that includes the following services.

Our Structured Security Assessment

Onboard into our online vCISO portal. Complete your cybersecurity assessment with the help of our cybersecurity experts.

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A Portal Review and Report Debrief Meeting

Meet with our cybersecurity team to review your results and create a plan of action.

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Continued Access to Our vCISO Portal

Access and update your vCISO portal for an entire year. Reassess your environment and watch your benchmarks improve and your risks decrease. Download reports to send to decision makers and cyber-insurance companies to reduce your premiums.

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Monthly vCISO Meetings

Meet with our Director of Cybersecurity monthly for a year. Get expert guidance for using your assessment to drive results.

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