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Discover areas for growth, unseen vulnerabilities, and cost-saving opportunities through our IT Maturity Health Check.

Have your IT health checked by Model Technology Solutions engineers. Through our assessment, you’ll:

  • Benchmark your infrastructure maturity
  • Identify steps to close the gaps you think need to be closed
  • Know exactly how you could improve your compliance, security, and efficiency, and cut costs while you do
  • Confirm your technical direction
  • Ensure your strategy is aligned with a Microsoft modern managed approach

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Or scroll down to learn more about our Maturity Model, our standard for assessing infrastructure health.

Our Maturity Model

With over 50,000 endpoints under our management, Model Technology Solutions knows a thing or two about implementing strategies to improve maturity. With this expertise, we’ve created a proprietary maturity model which we use in our assessments to rate endpoint management maturity.

Our model breaks down maturity into five categories and five phases. The five phases can be found in other CMMI maturity models, but the five categories we use are totally unique to ours. These categories allow for a more nuanced and specific understanding of your maturity rather than just an overall understanding of your maturity as a whole.

Our 5 Categories & The Elements They Include

Management Infrastructure

• Active Directory / Azure AD

• Endpoint Manager

• Asset Inventory

Updates & Service Management

• Monthly Processes

• OS Versions

• Texting / validation procedures

Application Management

• App Installation Processes

• App Delivery Automation Assessment

Configuration Management

• User Permissions

• Security Baseline Configurations

• Device Provisioning / Deprovisioning

Endpoint Security

• Central Management / Reporting

• Data Management & App Containerization

• Risk-based Analytics / Conditional Access

The Results Output

Model will assess your infrastructure health through the lens of our maturity model. Once your health check is complete, you’ll receive a findings and recommendations document which will:

  • Assess your infrastructure in the different categories.
  • Identify security holes and cost-reduction opportunities.

With this information, you’ll understand exactly the best areas to improve in order to maximize your security, efficiency, and reduce your costs through better endpoint management.

What projects could come from a health check?

Listed below are some examples of projects in each category we’ve helped with in the past that could come about as a result of a health check. Model has the full capabilities to take on the projects that we suggest, or you can implement them completely on your own. Either way – there’s no obligation to work with us after you receive your recommendation document!

  • Designed and configured Windows Autopilot profiles to enable modern provisioning (Level 2).
  • Designed and implemented device management and endpoint security policies for Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS devices (Level 2)
  • Migrated group policy configuration to Intune policies (Level 3)
  • Managed both pilot and production rollouts of Intune for Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS devices (Level 3)
  • Engaged in technical deep-dives to plan strategy and design policies for migration from traditional to modern management approaches (Level 3)
  • Migrated device management workloads from Configuration Manager to Intune (Level 4)
  • Migrated device management configuration from Airwatch to Intune (Level 5)
  • Packaged and configured Windows applications of various types for deployment via Intune (Level 3)
  • Designed and implemented application management and security policies for Windows, Android, and iOS applications (Level 4)
  • Configured policies to monitor and enforce device compliance requirements (Level 2)
  • Configured Defender for Endpoint with Intune integration for advanced anti-malware and endpoint security (Level 3)
  • Designed and configured Conditional Access policies to protect access to org data and resources, leveraging device state, user risk, and more (Level 4)
  • Configured integration with on-premises certificate authorities and deployed certificates to managed devices to be used for authentication with networks and other resources (Level 5)
  • Initialized MEM (Intune) environments and configured auto-enrollment with Azure AD (Level 2)
  • Implemented co-management to integrate Configuration Manager and Intune (Level 3)
  • Configured Windows patching / update management through Intune (Level 3)

Discover where to focus on for improved security and efficiency.

Through a Maturity Health Check, you’ll expand your knowledge of your endpoint management maturity. With this knowledge you’ll identify projects you could implement to improve security and efficiency. Download the initial questionnaire today to learn more.

Questions Or Concerns?

I don’t like the idea of exposing problems with my infrastructure.2021-07-19T12:27:34-06:00

It’s never a nice feeling to see all the holes inside your infrastructure strategy. It’s kind of like getting a bad report about cholesterol. Deep down we know it’s a problem, but we never like to hear it from the doctor’s mouth.

But think of the alternative. You and your team might feel a little bit frustrated in the short term in seeing all the areas that you could improve. But in doing so, you’ll be well on your way to remediating those issues so that the alternative (which is way, way worse) is much less likely to become reality. We’re way nicer people to identify the holes than black-hat hackers and/or ransomware.

I don’t have time for an assessment!2021-12-16T14:52:23-06:00

You have a million things to do and only 16 hours in a day to do them in. Likely you already work nights and sometimes weekends to keep your infrastructure secure and running efficiently. You don’t have a lot of time to waste.

That said, think about the time you could save by doing this assessment. How many hours of meetings will you save trying to do this same exact process internally over many years? How many hours could you save in not having to deal with even the smallest data breach? How many hours could your team save by reduced trouble tickets and improved patching efficiency as a result of improving your endpoint management?

When you really think about it, though the price of doing the assessment could cost a few hours of your time, the cost of not doing it could be far greater.

Will you share my information with anybody else?2021-07-19T12:30:25-06:00


Is there any obligation to work with you after the assessment is complete?2021-07-19T12:43:23-06:00

Though we are confident in our ability to provide value and effectively bring the projects that we suggest to completion (we’ve been doing it for years), there’s no obligation to work with us after your analysis is complete. You can take your report and remediate problems internally or with another third-party contractor.

Our analysis meetings will not just be a sales pitch. Instead, they will be largely talking through the results of our analysis. And then you will get to keep your analysis regardless of whether or not you decide that we’re a good fit for implementation and continued services.

Model Technology Solutions

At Model Technology Solutions, what boots us up every morning is partnering with companies like yours to help them gain complete control over their IT infrastructures and achieve what we like to call IT Nirvana – all using the powerful tools Microsoft already provides.

For years we watched companies get burned by the over-promise, under-deliver methods of doing business in our industry. So we decided to create a unified endpoint management solution that wasn’t focused on selling big and implementing small.

Instead, we built a model unified endpoint management solution for IT pros who want to achieve IT Nirvana without doing most of the work it takes to get there.

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