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A simple solution to secure your data, users, endpoints, and identities, and build a stronger company with Microsoft 365.

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What We Do

We Help You Create A Secure and Efficient Environment With Microsoft 365

Have you been using M365 in your environment for a while now? Are you currently deploying your investment? Or maybe you haven’t even started yet? This set of tools, when deployed properly, can increase your organizational security, protect from modern threats, and enable business productivity.

We have decades of combined Microsoft experience and over 60,000 endpoints currently under our management. Through this service, we use our expert processes to help you get the most out of your M365 investment.

Whatever M365 licensing you have, we ensure they’re securing and enabling your team, users, and business to the greatest degree that’s possible at a standardized scope and cost, keeping it as simple as possible as far as you’re concerned.

Why half-deploy the suite of tools that Gartner continually rates as a leader in the marketplace? Why hire and train more employees to do the same job that we could do for a higher cost and (likely) more delay until you get results? Our team can help you better manage your M365 tools, keep security high, costs low, and create the best possible M365 experience for everyone at your organization.


What’s Great About MMM365 & CS Services?


Our Expert Processes

We use our expert processes to manage your M365 investment, resulting in faster project deployment, less time until results, and a more-secure environment.


Simple Scope

The scope of our services are pre-defined. You’ll know exactly what we’ll manage and what we won’t before we start.


Simple Pricing

No complex proposals that take months to put together. Plan your costs up front with our standard rate schedule, and keep costs down with increased discounts as you use more of our services.


Pay Just For What You Need

Don’t need a particular service? Don’t use it, but still feel confident that you can always add it on later as a single-service project or another M365 service that we’re managing.


M365 Endpoint Management

We manage your endpoint device configuration, updates, and applications.

✓ Increase your endpoint compliance and security with security updates and organizational configuration requirements.

✓ Provide a consistent user experience through standardized endpoint configuration and application deployment.

✓ Decrease the time needed for endpoint provisioning and re-provisioning, keeping staff up and running while protecting yourself from modern threats.

Products We Manage For You

Microsoft Intune (Previously Endpoint Manager)

Microsoft Configuration Manager (Previously System Center Configuration Manager)

Windows Autopilot

Windows Update for Business

Windows Autopatch

Traditional Update Management with Configuration Manager

Want to use Configuration Manager instead of Microsoft Intune to manage updates? This add on expands the scope of the service to include update management using traditional processes in Configuration Manager while still providing you with standard pricing for our services.


Traditional Endpoint Provisioning with Configuration Manager

We use modern device provisioning through Windows Autopilot and device configuration profiles for our M365 Endpoint Management. If you’d rather use Configuration Manager to provision devices, this add on expands the scope of the service to include device provisioning using traditional processes while still providing you with standard pricing for our services.


M365 Threat Management

We provide ongoing monitoring, planning, and remediation of threats and threat vectors to your endpoints, identities, cloud apps, and collaboration tools.

✓ Rapidly identify threats to your IT environment.

✓ Counter those threats and reduce your exposure to future threats.

✓ Increase your Microsoft 365 Secure Score.

✓ Reduce vulnerabilities and protect yourself from advanced threats.

Products We Manage For You

Microsoft Defender for Business

Microsoft 365 Defender

  • Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

  • Microsoft Defender for Office 365

  • Microsoft Defender for Identity

  • Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps

  • Microsoft Defender Vulnerability Management

Advanced Security With Microsoft Sentinel

Do you want extra security that includes a full SIEM system in place? The Advanced Security with Microsoft Sentinel expands the M365 Security Management core service to include data connectors, alerts, and other functionality provided by the Sentinel platform. Also, all the regular monitoring, threat identification, and remediation planning capabilities performed by the core M365 Security Management service are extended to apply to data flowing through Sentinel as well. This service allows us to identify and plan remediation for threats to your environment and also implement the remediation directly, increasing your security stance from end-to-end.


M365 Compliance Management

 We manage your Microsoft 365 data governance, risk, and compliance solutions.

✓ Gain visibility into your data assets.

✓ Manage security and risk of your data.

✓ Ensure your compliance with data regulatory requirements.

✓ Empower your users to access and work with data in secure ways.

Products We Manage For You

Microsoft Purview

  • Microsoft Purview Information Protection
  • Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention
  • Microsoft Purview Data Lifecycle Management
  • Microsoft Purview Double Key Encryption
  • Microsoft Purview Insider Risk Management
  • Microsoft Purview Communication Compliance
  • Microsoft Purview Information Barriers
  • Microsoft Purview Records Management
  • Microsoft Purview Auditing Solutions
  • Microsoft Purview eDiscovery Solutions
  • Microsoft Purview Compliance Manager
  • Microsoft Purview Data Map
  • Microsoft Purview Data Catalog
  • Microsoft Purview Data Estate Insights


M365 Identity Management

We manage your identity and access estate from end to end. We’ll take care of your mundane identity related tasks, and we’ll also provide strategic guidance for leveraging your M365 tools to plan and implement new features, modernize your identity management, and better secure your identities.

✓ Provide secure access to your organization’s resources in a connected world.

✓ Facilitate the protection of user access to apps and resources.

✓ Secure and verify identities across your environment.

✓ Provide governance for permissions.

✓ Simplify the user experience to accessing organizational resources.

✓ Manage your employee account life cycles, group memberships, and license assignment.

Products We Manage For You

Microsoft Entra

  • Azure Active Directory
    • Conditional Access
    • Azure AD Identity Protection
    • Azure AD Privileged Identity Management
    • Azure AD Identity Governance
    • Azure AD External Identities
    • Azure AD B2B / B2C
  • Microsoft Entra Permissions Management
  • Microsoft Entra Verified ID
  • Microsoft Entra Admin Center


M365 Collaboration Management

We manage your Microsoft collaboration tools. This service includes management of mailboxes, document libraries, and voice and video chat, along with related policies and administration capabilities.

✓ Get the most out of Microsoft’s powerful collaboration tool set.

✓ Modernize your processes and maintain your collaboration platforms.

✓ Increase user security and productivity through better usage of your tools.

Products We Manage For You

Exchange Online

Microsoft Teams

SharePoint Online

OneDrive for Business


Power Automate

Power Apps

The Benefits To Your Organization


Beginning-To-End Cyber Security

Get strategic direction and recommendations to improve our security posture through our certified Microsoft security experts. Then actualize them with our management support to see tangible improvements in your security.


Get More Out of M365

Access the full power of Microsoft’s M365 suite. Discover the full scope of unused functionality and replace unnecessary services.


Customize Your Solution

Just getting started? No problem. We enable security, productivity, and ease of use whether your environment is simple or advanced.


Do More Together

Pull from our decades of Microsoft experience to get more done with M365 faster than you would alone.


Upgrade Your User Experience

Use M365 best practices to equip users in every department to be more efficient, secure, and satisfied.


Get Ahead & Give Back

Get ahead of your endless IT tasks and refocus on building a stronger company and community.


Scale With Us

Don’t waste resources onboarding and experimenting with new vendors. If you like working with us, scale up your services.


And More!

Featured Clients

“A wonderful, superb engagement up to this point."

- Anonymous By Request, A Current Client | City Government

“Model completely stepped in to take care of all the updates and testing that was lots of work for me. I'm no longer the bottleneck for my team."

- Anonymous By Request, VP of Cybersecurity and Infrastructure | A Global Private Equity Firm

"We’ve just had our first Quarterly Business Review with their Unified Endpoint Management as a Service, and we have been nothing but impressed."
- Tom Steinthal, L Catterton | Venture Capital
"We don’t have to do a lot of the leg work that would come with deploying packages. We’ve got hundreds of computers on our network, and they make the process easy."
- Ian Blanchette, MiTek | Construction
“Model really made them feel more empowered to request change, and to be part of the testing of updates and new features and new software.”
- Anonymous By Request, VP of Cybersecurity and Infrastructure | A Global Private Equity Firm

"We depend on [Model] as valuable team members and as an extension of our internal resources."

- Susan Taylor | Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner | Legal Services

"If Model suddenly went away, I don’t think we’d hire someone else. We’d have to come up with a different way of doing things. Because I think they’re irreplaceable."
- Anonymous By Request, A Current Client | Legal Services

"I appreciate the professionalism, efficiency, knowledge, workmanship, and attention to detail. I will always keep Model in mind when projects come up and recommend their services to whomever I cross paths with."

- Jason Herr, Senior Global Infrastructure Specialist | Curium | Healthcare

"They know us, we know them, they know our environment, they know how our lawyers work. [When new projects come up, hiring them is] so much easier than starting at ground zero."
- Anonymous By Request, A Current Client | Legal Services
"When I know that someone can get the job done, and I know the price is reasonable, I'm going to just keep using them. Over and over again, we keep using Model, because we know they're going to do it right."
- Walter Fletcher, Cybersecurity Analyst | Edgewell | Healthcare
"There's no greasy salesmen, no high-pressure. There's an approach of a partnership - they're here to partner with you. It just feels like they're an extension of our company."
- Anonymous By Request, A Current Client | Healthcare
"Model is totally solid. They really are top notch. 😊"
- Peter Daniels, Senior Data Architect, CRB  | Construction


If you use M365, we can help you get more out of it. Our simple service plus your M365 investment equals more security, productivity, and a better digital experience. Plus our standardized rate schedule makes the service easy to fit into your monthly budget and scale as you need. Interested? Reach out and let us know our goals. We’d be happy to get you a quote and answer any questions you might have.

Case Studies

Customer Success Stories

We have extensive expertise enabling digital transformations in healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, construction, legal services, retail, venture capital, energy utility, and government. Whatever industry you are in, we can help you deploy and manage your Microsoft tools with expertise.

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Cornerstone is a nationwide company with about 100 locations across the U.S. and 2,300 endpoints to manage. Their internal team was made up of 7 then-burnt-out IT professionals who were trying to keep up with their necessary patching. Four times a month they were...

[Case Study] Helping Cornerstone Home Lending Automate Patching & Spend More Time At Home

Cornerstone is a nationwide company with about 100 locations across the U.S. and 2,300 endpoints to manage. Their internal team was made up of 7 then-burnt-out IT professionals who were trying to keep up with their necessary patching. Four times a month they were...