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Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) According to IDC’s 2017 U.S. Enterprise Mobility Decision Maker Survey. One quarter of enterprises said they are currently deploying or piloting UEM solutions, and an additional 40% said they plan to deploy UEM in the next 12-18 months.

Over the years our clients recognized that we can automate end point compliance, security and patching more efficiently than they could.  They asked us to take it over for them.  This offering continues to grow.  We offer a variety of services with Service Level Agreements (SLA).

With a simple assessment, we can determine how we can save you time and money while increasing security and compliance! For often less than the price of a fully-loaded SCCM expert (if you can find one), Model offers a team of experts and service level agreements to keep you safe and compliant.

Our unbeatable depth of expertise.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a comparable team of experts who understand how to boost business value by combining best-in-class technology and the power of automation with the nuances of your specific industry.

Our ability to balance task management with the implementation of business-advancing best practices.

Not only do we add automation value and relieve the administrative burden from your team, but we also provide strategic guidance to ensure your business is operating in a best practices mode, keeping your environment up to date and secure.

Our commitment to being easy to work with.

At Model, transparency is a core company value, so we strive to remain accessible by assigning key contacts, providing a user-friendly portal for incident reporting, and offering support hours to assist with the project workload.

UEM As A Service Provides

Patch management

Automate your work station and server patching

Compliance and customized reporting

Near real-time asset and compliance reporting made easy

Application life cycle management

We’ll make sure your end users applications run as desired

Modern management with Windows 10

The OS deployment game has changed to an ongoing effort

Operating system life cycle management

Device and driver packaging and management

Infrastructure health, fixes & upgrades

We’ve likely seen your problem several times before

Encryption and security management

A resume generating event topic, this is

Monitoring and alert management

Be notified or have us be notified when bad things happen

Custom automation based on client needs

We’ve got serious PowerShell chops

User-friendly portal for incident reporting

Ticket tracking, trending and remediation, made easy

Why Use Model UEM As A Service?

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Our Tools

Microsoft Endpoint Manager (MEMS)

✓ Intune
✓ Configuration Manager
✓ Co-Management
✓ Desktop Analytics
✓ Software Update Management
✓ Windows 10 Life-cycle Management
✓ OS Deployment Reporting
✓ Application Management
✓ Custom Automation



• Enterprise Mobility + Security


• Operations Management Suite
• Azure automation

• Azure Desired State Configuration (DSC)
• Log analytics

Objur Software Suite

✓ Operating System Deployment Insights Kit
✓ User Notification Update Interface Utility
✓ Windows Servicing Hydration Utility
✓ Automated Patching System

Additional Benefits Of Using A UEM As A Service Provider

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