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“Experienced. Trustworthy. Affordable.” | Our Current UEM Customers

Increase endpoint compliance, reduce costs & IT headaches, and find peace of mind through Unified Endpoint Management.

Model Technology Solutions is a small but mighty band of infrastructure experts. We’ve helped companies in diverse industries to modernize and automate their infrastructures through effectively managing their Microsoft endpoint suite.

With us on your team, you’ll watch your security and compliance go up and your IT team’s costs (and headaches) go down. You’ll relax in knowing that your endpoints will be secure and online when your users need them most. And you’ll finally get back to your most-important tasks.

$2.7 Million Saved
Through Unified Endpoint Management

How we helped one global legal services firm increase their possible revenue by $2.7 million annually.


Custom Unified Endpoint Management Solutions For Any Company In Any Industry

We create personalized endpoint management solutions that work for and scale with any company in any industry that uses a Microsoft-based infrastructure. With Model Technology, you partner with a team of time-tested endpoint management experts to leverage the full power of the Microsoft endpoint management suite. You’ll accomplish more-effective endpoint management and spend far less time and money while you’re doing it.

A Modernized Infrastructure and Increased Security Through UEM | How we helped a city government increase cybersecurity, reduce deployment time, upgrade to Windows 10, and decrease the workload for their team.

$10,000 – $15,000 In Savings Through Improved SCCM Management | How we helped one healthcare business save time and money while simultaneously refocusing their team on more strategic business tasks.

Life-Saving Endpoint Reliability Through Patching Automation | How we helped one air emergency transport business more reliably save lives by standardizing and automating their patch deployment.

Our Current Industries

We have clients in multiple industries with infrastructures of many different shapes, sizes, and maturities.

We can adapt our methods to your needs, and you can even get custom service level agreements for your industry to ensure our services will exceed the standards of whatever industry you’re in.

We’ve just had our first Quarterly Business Review with their Unified Endpoint Management as a Service and we have been nothing but impressed.

Tom Steinthal, L Catterton | Venture Capital

We don’t have to do a lot of the leg work that would come with deploying packages. We’ve got hundreds of computers on our network, and they make the process easy.

Ian Blanchette, MiTek | Construction

We depend on [Model] as valuable team members and as an extension of our internal resources.

Susan Taylor, Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner | Legal Services

Over and over again we seem to be going back to work with them because we know they’re going to do it right.

Walter Fletcher, Edgewell Personal Care | Healthcare

If Model suddenly went away, I don’t think we’d hire someone else. We’d have to come up with a different way of doing things. Because I think they’re irreplaceable.

Anonymous By Request, A Current Client | Legal Services

A wonderful engagement to this point.

Anonymous By Request, A Current Client | Healthcare

Our Current Client Endpoint Compliance Averages


Server Compliance


Workstation Compliance


Mobile Device Compliance

See Exactly How It Would Work In Your Industry

✓ Zero Cost ✓ Zero Risk ✓ Zero Obligation ✓ Customizable On-Request

Our Tools

Gartner has consistently rated Microsoft’s own endpoint management software as some of the best on the market and a leader in their UEM Magic Quadrant. Many companies with Windows infrastructures already use these software, but what they often lack is the time, manpower, and expertise to deploy and manage them properly.

Microsoft Endpoint Manager
✓ Endpoint and patch management solutions, support, and consulting
SCCM (Now MECM) and Intune
✓ Modern Windows operating system deployment and server patch management
✓ Microsoft Office 365 and third-party application patching
✓ Mobile patch management
Microsoft Azure
✓ Cloud management configuration and management
Microsoft PowerShell
✓ Custom automation based on client needs

I contact them, I put in a ticket with them, and I hear back within hours. Basically whatever I need from them, they’re really receptive and really responsive.

Ian Blanchette, MiTek Industries Inc.


Same-Day Ticket Response from Accredited Endpoint Management Engineers

Responsiveness and technical know-how are important. Access some of the best Microsoft engineers in the industry who will be on standby to respond to your support tickets the same-day they’re received.


Microsoft + Seamless Third-Party App Management

A note of caution in the 2020 Gartner unified endpoint management report is that Microsoft’s software struggles to successfully integrate third-party software. We can help with that – we’ll manage your third-party apps, keeping them patched and compliant too.


Better Than A DIY Or “Single Pane of Glass” Solution

Partnering up provides all the benefits of a centralized, streamlined platform to manage your endpoints without the functionality limitations of a single third-party software suite. You also get the customizability of an internal UEM team without the expense of hiring FTEs and the massive workload of implementing it.

Achieve IT Nirvana With UEM | Seamless Infrastructure Flow and Peace of Mind

Partner with an expanded IT infrastructure team of experts

Manage your modern, dispersed infrastructure

Automate essential and repeatable tasks

Streamline endpoint patching

Control patching policies with granular precision

Reduce endpoint downtime

Optimize system performance and uptime

Maximize endpoint compliance

Unify mobile device operation

Close security vulnerabilities

Minimize chances of a data breach

Deploy quick endpoint disaster recovery

Spend less off time dealing with upkeep and breakdowns

Spend more time on strategic IT initiatives

Minimize and standardize infrastructure costs

Consult near-real-time asset and compliance reporting

Increase the agility of your IT department

Improve end-user experience and satisfaction

Highlight IT department effectiveness

Feel greater confidence and peace of mind


What Our Current Clients Have To Say

Yes, everyone has testimonials.
But the real difference is in customer retention.

On average 96% of our partners re-up year after year.

After a trial run where one or two of their unified endpoint management tasks are taken care of, they generally scale their partnership with us.

Why CIOs Are Staying With Model Technology

Endpoint & Patch ManagementYesYesYes
Remote Access, Monitoring, and AlertingYesYesYes
IT Automation and ScriptingYesYesYes
Centralized AdministrationSometimesYesYes
+ Security and ComplianceSometimesYesYes
– Budget CostsNoYesYes
– Manhours SpentNoStill must manually deployYes
Dedicated SupportYesSometimesYes
Ability To ScaleYes, but labor-heavyOnly if need fits software scopeYes
Custom FunctionalityYes, but sometimes insecureNoYes
Expanded IT TeamYes, but expensiveNoYes

Try Us On For Size

Like test-driving a car, it’s best to try before you buy. You can get a free, no-obligation quote for your company and quantify the possible ROI of partnering with us.

You have questions? We’ll do our best to answer them.

How do I convince my team that a partnership with Model is the best option?2021-03-25T19:53:28-06:00

Buy-in from your team can be difficult to obtain, even if you’re sure that a certain product or company is the right pick. 

That said, one of the best things that you can do is get the data about the exact strategy and risk involved in partnering up with us.

That’s why we really encourage you to go and and get your customized datasheet. This datasheet will include: 

  1. A detailed infrastructure maturity model analysis that summarizes the status of your current infrastructure.

  2. A custom UEM strategy that proposes the best areas to improve your current infrastructure.

  3. A risk-benefit analysis which shows you exactly what’s possible and what’s at risk in the areas of cost, efficiency, and security.

 This is the kind of data that you need for your CIO or IT team to weigh the pros and cons of our services so you can all decide which direction you want to go.

Could my infrastructure be too complex or difficult?2021-01-25T19:15:54-06:00

We’ve got a lot of experience untying balls of yarn.

Effective engineering is key to dealing with outdated or complex infrastructures. And that’s why partnering with a team of endpoint management experts is the best option for endpoint management, especially if your infrastructure is complex.

Will I be able to afford a UEM partnership?2021-01-25T19:12:20-06:00

We hear the objection of, “I don’t think that we can afford your services,” quite a bit from our would-be customers.

But when you compare us with the other options on the market for doing unified endpoint management, there’s no comparison with cost. 

You already own a best in class platform. A partnership option is the only option that will let you get effective UEM with the tools and personnel you already have. Let us help you take advantage of the powerful tools you already have to implement a well managed endpoint solution.

 “Okay, I’d like to work with you, but I can’t afford a full-blown partnership.”

 Many of our clients start out this way. So instead of starting up a full-blown partnership, they delegate a single task to us and then scale it from there once they see the value in what we do for them.

Are you going to replace me or my IT techs with automation?2021-03-25T19:54:04-06:00

You may think that patching endpoints, servers, and mobile devices manually is the “main” thing that you do, right? But if that goes away, we promise, there will still be plenty of work for you. 

The consistent experience that we have with our customers is that when they partner up with us, they stop doing the tasks they really do not want to be doing. Instead, they start having the time, budget, and mental space to work on strategic projects that actually help the company grow, reduce the budget, and improve user experience. 

Many of them get to go back to having simpler 9-5 hours and weekends to spend with their family. 

Because we are going to take care of many of your responsibilities. But at the end of the day, you’ll still be employed. And you won’t be doing all the rote tasks you’d really rather not have to do. 

What industries will a UEM partnership work in?2021-01-25T19:10:59-06:00

We helped Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner, a global legal services firm, increase their possible revenue by $3,000,000 annually.

We helped Clayco Construction to rapidly increase the speed at which they could deploy and wipe images for new construction sites.

We even helped a city government get 100% compliance on their endpoints, reduce their manual imaging, and increase their security.

A UEM partnership will work for these industries and any others.

The model of UEM that we use isn’t one that’s contingent on industry. Because it’s so personalized, we can adapt our methods to the needs of your industry, and we even create and honor custom service level agreements for your industry, so you always know exactly what you’re going to get regarding your specific needs.

What if I’d rather just build my UEM solution in-house?2021-01-25T18:59:38-06:00

You likely shouldn’t do this with endpoint management. It’s far more effective and cost-effective to partner with a team of endpoint management pros who can help for less than the cost of a full time endpoint management engineer. Why?

  1. You may employ super smart tech people, but they are trying to keep up with business initiatives alongside trying to stay on top of endpoint management.

  2. Your team may not have the deep technical skills to get the most use out of your endpoint management platform.  As such, you may need to hire at least one engineer (possibly more) to rationalize and normalize your endpoint management platform.

  3. Qualified and highly technical endpoint management engineers can be hard to find. The average salary of a quality engineer is about $100,000. That’s far more than an average UEM partnership costs with us.  Of the 40+ hours they work a week, is a good bet that 35-40% of their time is booked with additional tasks, projects, and meetings. I know this, I was a sysadmin for a lot of years.

  4. And then what if you train them, raise them up, and then they decide move on to other opportunities?  The process to find a qualified engineer starts yet again.

Effective and efficient endpoint management can be complex and time-consuming. So rather than go at it alone, you can partner up with Model Technology Solutions.

Model Technology Solutions

At Model Technology Solutions, what boots us up every morning is partnering with companies like yours to help them gain complete control over their IT infrastructures and achieve what we like to call IT Nirvana – all using the powerful tools Microsoft already provides.

For years we watched companies get burned by the over-promise, under-deliver methods of doing business in our industry. So we decided to create a unified endpoint management solution that wasn’t focused on selling big and implementing small.

Instead, we built a model unified endpoint management solution for IT pros who want to achieve IT Nirvana without doing most of the work it takes to get there.

Model Technology

Let us help you get your end point and data center strategy on cruise control!  Ask about our Calibration Assessment.


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