Cybersecurity & IT Infrastructure Engineering Managed Services

Reclaim your time, peace of mind, and focus on building your business through IT.

Are you responsible for managing IT infrastructure and cybersecurity at your company?

Mature and secure your environment, easily and affordably, through our expert CIOs, CISOs, and engineers helping you to manage your infrastructure without hiring expensive, specialized employees.

We’ll never share your information with anyone.

“We depend on Model as valuable team members and as an extension of our internal resources.”

Susan Taylor | Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner | Legal Services

Service specifics

What We Can Manage For You

We offer two management plans depending on your needs.


For busy IT teams that would rather be innovating than managing “lights on” cybersecurity and infrastructure activities and operational tasks.

If your current IT team lacks the time, expertise, or capacity to manage, maintain and improve ongoing cybersecurity and infrastructure activities, you can:

• Outsource the IT maintenance dragging you down

• Keep hold of your core competencies

• And have a team of experts on your extended team so you can focus on supporting business initiatives. help you enable your business’ success.

Our full range of technology and services is at your disposal, and we create custom contracts based on the type of work that you want us to do.

Fully Managed

For businesses that want technology to “just work” and want a trusted partner, we become the heavy lifter of your IT department.

If your IT strategy is disjointed from budget and strategic business goals, we’ll explain how we can help get you up and running securely with an IT roadmap that supports your business ASAP.

Get our team of experts, from strategy to execution and support, working to help you enable your business’ success.


6 Benefits of Using Our C&IE Managed Services

Simplify Budgeting

Manage, mature, and secure your infrastructure through a simple per-unit monthly service that fits nicely into your budget.

Reduce Stress

End the endless stress of long days, short nights, and security tasks that (understandably) get left undone.

Improve Efficiency

Save time and cut costs through a team of top-tier CIOs, CISOs, and engineers that’s more affordable and reliable than hiring more employees.

Unlock Your Tech

Make the most out of your current investment in IT by diving deeper into your tech stack to discover unused functionality.

Beat Cybercriminals

Get and stay ahead of ever-evolving cyber threats by establishing a proactive security strategy with your dedicated CISSP.

Enable Your Business

Move your business forward and help your team get noticed (in a good way!) when you focus on creating more value for your team, users, and customers.

Policies & Frameworks

Get Compliant, Avoid Fines, & Enable Revenue

Your Virtual CISO will help you achieve compliance goals in 11+ frameworks faster and more affordably than hiring internally.

✓ SOC 2



✓ CIS V8


✓ NIST SP 800-53



✓ NIST SP 800-171


✓ ISO 27001

Love hearing this from our customers after Patch Tuesday – “Thanks again for another flawless (server patch) rollout to large group of single points of failure!”

Jerry Haines, IT Manager | Harrison LLP | Healthcare Logistics

Over and over again we keep using them, because we know they can get the job done they’re going to do it right, and the price is reasonable.

Walter Fletcher, Cybersecurity Analyst | Edgewell | Healthcare

For me, as somebody that’s very concerned about internet security, I love that I can go to bed at night knowing that I have Model meeting these needs.

Matt Kelly, CFO | Wozniak Industries | Manufacturing

Get the IT Support You Need, Lose the Stress You Don’t

Having a hard time finding and keeping cybersecurity and infrastructure specialists? Too busy managing your team and upkeep to tackle the projects you’d rather focus on?

At Model Technology Solutions, we help you eliminate needless stress, task overwhelm, and repeated hiring cycles. How? Through our knowledgeable team of CISOs, CIOs, and infrastructure engineers managing, maturing, and securing your infrastructure.

Easy Infrastructure Management Minus Expensive Specialists

When you add us to your team, you’ll (finally) have the support and confidence to look away from daily management, dive deeper into your tech, focus more on strategy, be more proactive, and create positive value for your business through IT.

You’ll also never have to risk the expensive searching, hiring, and rehiring cycle that comes with hiring specialized employees. Instead, you’ll get access to our entire team rather than just one or two employees, and we’re not going anywhere.

Focus on building your business through IT.

We’ll manage the rest.

Ready to start? Contact our team and let us know how we can help enable your business goals through managed IT services.


success stories

Managed Services Success Stories

Helping A $30 Billion Bank Shut Down Vulnerabilities & Inefficiencies

We helped a $30 billion bank address vulnerabilities across 5,042 workstations and nearly 1,000 servers. As a result, the bank’s risk score decreased from 290,000,000 in July 2021 to less than 30,000,000 in January 2023.

Read The Full Case Study

Helping A Manufacturing Company Tap Into $ Millions Of New Revenue Through Better Cybersecurity

We helped Wozniak Manufacturing to secure government contracts. Wozniak needed compliance with SPRS and NIST SP800-171 frameworks. We helped them gain over 40% compliance in just eight months, improving their SPRS score from 1.9 to 3.5, putting into place 31% of controls.

Read The Full Case Study

Helping Cornerstone Home Lending Automate Patching & Spend More Time At Home

We helped Cornerstone Home Lending automate their patching process. This automation resulted in a saving of approximately 35 man-hours monthly, equating to over $85,000 annually, which is equivalent to hiring a full-time employee.

Read The Full Case Study

About Model Technology Solutions

Less Customers + More Personal = Better Results

At Model Technology Solutions, we’ve created global impact through the mindset of a local MSP. From our local St. Louis arch to the Eiffel Tower and beyond, we keep our client base small so we can multiply the impact that we create for them.

When you partner with our team, you won’t get lost among thousands of clients who get equally forgotten in the overwhelm. Instead, you’ll get personalized attention from our entire team of CIOs, CISOs, and engineers who will help you to define and deploy personalized modern management and proactive cybersecurity at your company.

We’re excited in 2024 to have added new members of our team and tech to accommodate new managed services clients. We’d be honored if you’d be one of our few but delighted customers who we help to focus more on their business and less on managing their other tasks.


Frequently Asked Questions

It's too expensive to hire a managed service provider!

We get it. Budgets are tight, and you have to justify every single investment. Winning (and keeping) support from upper management can be difficult, and so the stakes for investing in services can seem higher than the prices are.

Here’s the good news: A partnership with us will be more affordable than hiring and training an internal specialist who may get scalped by another company in a year or two.

With us, you don’t have to pay for your new employee’s six-figure salary, health insurance, and her annual trip to the Bahamas where she goes to escape and get a killer tan. Instead, you just play a reasonable per-unit monthly cost that’s easy to fit into your budget and justify to your superiors.

We also help you to dive deeper into your current tech stack, sometimes even allowing you to pay for our services with the savings that we help you to create.

(We’re not guaranteeing this will happen, but we have done it in the past. We’ve helped companies to save anywhere between six figures and several million by simply managing their technology and licensing better through our services.)

Our services scale well too. Instead of hiring more six-figure specialists to accommodate greater needs, our per-unit cost gets more affordable the more units your company has. Our service remains affordable even as your business grows.

What we’re getting at is this: In the grand scheme of things, it can actually be more expensive not to hire us.

Can you really help me manage these all tasks?

We assure you that we can do everything we’ve listed on this page.

That said, just in case you’re a more scrupulous purchaser than that (which, goodness, we hope you are!), above are a few case studies from our current managed services clients that back up what we claim.

We’re also happy to provide references from current clients who are delighted by our managed services. Just ask, and we’ll be happy to make an introduction.

What is a unit?

A unit is a a user, a server, or a shared computer (such as a kiosk). We add all of your units up and give you a monthly cost based on that number.

Is software licensing included?

We price our services just for the service costs. Licenses, applications, and other service consumption fees aren’t included in our pricing.

Why? We understand you may have existing licenses that you might want to keep. The way we price our service, you can bring your own licensing and avoid any headaches associated with duplicate licenses or changing vendors.

If it would be helpful, we can include managing your licenses in our scope and work over time to transition those licenses to us. That way you have a single monthly invoice for everything.

Is custom application development included in the packages?

While we love us some coding, custom application development is not included in our services. If you need help with this, we’re happy to refer you to one of our partners who we trust and then continue to help you with the services that we do best (e.g helping you manage, mature, and secure your infrastructure).