CRM Outlook Plug-in with Office 365

Recently I ran across an issue getting my outlook 2013 CRM plug-in connecting to our Office 365 CRM instance. I ran through the typical solutions:

  • Repairing the CRM installation
  • Reinstalling the Windows Foundation 3.5 Windows feature
  • Downloading a different version of the CRM plugin
  • Entering in the URL for CRM manually
  • Choosing the CRM Online option for the URL
  • Reinstalling the sign-in assistant
  • Recreating my Windows profile
  • Recreating my Outlook Profile
  • Running through the CRM troubleshooting tool
  • Checking my time zone information
  • Ensured my account in CRM was setup correctly
  • I can keep going…
  • I changed my password and removed the @ character. Once I changed my password to a different special character, everything worked well. This character did work for me the past and I was always able to authenticate, so I’ll be doing some testing to see if it was the simple act of changing the password on-prem (dir-sync’s to O365) that did the trick.

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