Generate Windows 10 Enterprise installation from Windows 10 Pro
By Steve Bowman
Published March 26, 2015
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One of the new features of Windows 10 is the ability to upgrade editions from the Pro to Enterprise by running a few command lines. I had been running the Pro version of the Windows 10 Technical Preview and needed to use Direct Access so instead of re-installing Windows 10 Enterprise I just ran the commands to install the Enterprise product key and then ran the DISM command to upgrade my edition. It worked like a champ and as soon as I rebooted I immediately connected up to Direct Access. This all worked wonderfully until Build 10041 was released. I wanted to upgrade however Windows Update kept failing when trying to download the new version. At this point I could have given up and waited until Microsoft released an ISO of 10041 Enterprise but I don’t like to wait so I downloaded the 10041 Pro ISO from the Windows Insider web site and then extracted out the ISO to a folder on my machine. I then performed the following steps:


1. Mounted the install.wim with mount-windowsimage to c:\mount
2. Ran the command Set-WindowsEdition -path c:\mount -Edition Enterprise
3. Ran dismount-windowsimage c:\mount -save


Now I have 10041 Enterprise installation files! From there I just ran setup.exe and succeffully upgraded my machine to 10041!

Since I haven’t seen this documented anywhere I can’t guarantee that this is supported yet but thankfully it worked for me.


Article By Steve Bowman
Steve Bowman is a Partner at Model Technology as well as their Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Steve is a father, husband, Franciscan, and lover of technology. He's bilingual in business and technology and have over 30 years of experience in selling enterprise technology solutions in a variety of industries.

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