What modern management of Windows 10 looks like with Windows AutoPilot, Azure AD, SCCM, and Intune

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Your organization can support various operating systems across a wide range of device types, and manage them through a common set of tools such as SCCM, Microsoft Intune, or other third-party products. This “managed diversity” enables you to empower your employees to benefit from the productivity enhancements available on their new Windows 10 computers, while […]

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Conquer Remote Workforce Challenges with the Right Technology

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43% of employees report working remotely at times. How do you deal with tech-related remote workforce problems? Here are some thoughts:

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Dynamically Scheduled Runbooks in Azure Automation

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Hello again, Automation fans.   Today we’re going to be talking about Dynamic Schedules and Runbooks in Azure Automation, using AzureRM. This is an often requested topic, since the Azure Automation portal only offers the capability to schedule runbooks to run every hour, and does not allow for slices within the hour or for runbooks […]

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Azure Automation Runbook to interact with On-Prem SQL via Hybrid Runbook Worker

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Hi all, I’ve been spending several of my minutes lately reading and writing to an on-prem SQL DB via a Hybrid Runbook Worker from Azure Auotmation; so I figured I’d share some learnings. In our custom developed solutions such as, our Automated Server Patching Solution for example, we’ll use custom SQL DB’s to track the workflows. This […]

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AdminCount? Protected groups? SDPROP? ADConnect permmision issues?

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Not related, right? Wrong! I was working with a client to set up ADConnect and enable Exchange hybrid writeback environment.  A couple of days after the initial  sync, started running into permissions issues. A little background information: when you don’t use express setting during the ADConnect install you will need to use DSACLS to set up the correct security […]

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Adding a Hybrid Runbook Worker for Azure Automation

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Hey, everybody. Hope you are doing well. If you’re not, you are about to be doing better, for I am going to embed a pre-release of “The Force Awakens” below!   I lied, but you made it past the first line of my blog, and now I have you!   Instead, what I really want […]

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Windows 10 Azure AD Join with Intune Enrollment

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Windows 10: Azure AD Join with Intune Enrollment Hello again! I recently posted about a few cool, and not so cool features of Windows 10 Azure AD Join. One of the cools was the ability to automatically enroll a device in Intune upon joining Azure AD. At the time of that post this feature was […]

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Windows 10 Azure AD domain join – First Impressions

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So you may or may not be aware of a new feature coming to Windows 10. Azure AD domain join. This is an exciting new capability that may truly start to bring Cloud only or BYOD users into the management fold.   I recently gave this feature a quick trial run with Windows 10 Insider […]

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