The Value of Managed Services

Today we are going to tell you a little story and see if it rings true for your organization.  This is a story of a fictitious company named Contoso.  Although Contoso is the popular make believe company Microsoft has been so kind to share with us over the years, the [...]

Use PowerShell to find unmanaged computers

Greetings fellow IT geeks.  Today's post is centered around PowerShell and a recent request we had from a client. The Issue So like many companies out there, there can be many computers in your SCCM database and Active Directory that are one or more of the following: Stale AD Object Non [...]

Finding Duplicate UPN’s 2 Domains – Powershell

Hello All I was recently working on a project to migrate users from legacy domain to a primary domain. One of the many challenges is finding conflicting UPN between the two domains. UPN  (User-Principal-Name) is an Internet-style login name for a user based on the Internet standard RFC 822. The UPN is shorter [...]

Blog The Case of NIC Teaming VS Sysprep

Hello again all and I hope everyone had a great set of Holidays!  Today I'll be blogging about an incident I ran across with sysprep on a bare metal host.  We were attempting to deploy out a new 4 Node Hyper-V 2012 cluster.  Our long term goal was to eventually [...]

PowerShell Training: Switch Parameter Validation

Summary There are many ways to validate the presence of a parameter within a PowerShell script or function, but some are definitely better. This post provides a PowerShell function that demonstrates the results of various validation methods and specifies which methods should be used. Introduction PowerShell provides a number [...]

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