Creating a RAMDisk in Server 2016 for IO Benchmarking

Hi Again everyone!  This post I'll be showing some PowerShell commands for creating a RAMDisk.  Recently I was engaged at a client site where we were baking off Hyper-V vs VMware.  The Host and Network Stacks consisted of the same fabric but the storage back end were placed on different [...]

Server 2016 In Place Upgrade

Hi again everyone!  This post I'm going to comment on few recent times I've relied on the in place upgrade feature of Server 2016 from Server 2012 R2.  The wizard specifically calls out the fact that fresh installs are the preferred method of deployment and I also agree with doing [...]

The 12 tips of SCCM

I'm feeling festive so I'm writing a holiday themed blog... Well kinda. Okay so here's a list of 12 SCCM tricks/tips that I use throughout many of my engagements. Some of them you will be familiar with, others you may not, either way here we go!  Controlling SCCM with Hidden [...]

Case of the stalled Windows 7 Updates with MDT Build & Capture

Today I would like to talk about a frustrating issue for those of us who still have a need to create a build & capture process for Windows 7.  This post is focused around using a Build and Capture Task Sequence with MDT 2013 Update 2 without a WSUS server [...]

Converting msRADIUSFramedIPAddress to IPV4 PowerShell

The other day I was asked the to run a report by security team on which AD users had dial-in configured for a static IP address and what IP address was assigned, if any. I did a quick Get-Aduser on the supplied test account and here are the results: GivenName               : Chris [...]

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