SCSM: Event 33610 and Extreme Slowness

Summary Extreme slowness in the SCSM console combined with a flood of 33610 events can sometimes be caused by communication issues between the SCSM management servers and the SQL servers; enabling SQL's Named Pipes setting for the SQL instances can quickly alleviate the issue. Introduction   Recently I was called [...]

SCSM 2012 R2: Update Rollup 7 is Essential

I've been delivering SCSM 2012 since it was first released, over three years ago. In that time, there have been a number of challenges presented with the tool to which it has been my job to overcome. Among them all, there has always been a single issue which has consistently arisen [...]

SCOM/SCSM: Distribution Groups Fail to Receive Email Notifications

A problem that I've run across during multiple SCOM and SCSM engagements is one having to do with email notifications. Specifically, SCOM and SCSM will register that emails have been sent and, if those emails are sent to specific users, they are received. However, distribution groups will fail to receive [...]

SCSM Script – Remove Unassigned Reviewer Instances

Good afternoon, readers! Gabriel Taylor here, back with a script I've used to fend off an SCSM "feature" I've run into with multiple clients which will hopefully help you as well.   Short version: Have you come across times where review activities, despite being approved or rejected by the assigned [...]

SCSM Workflow – Populate Work Item Data to Child Activities

Happy Thursday, everyone. Last week I presented a session at the Saint Louis System Center User Group about a workflow solution I devised for a common pain point in Service Manager which leveraged Orchestrator and PowerShell. At the time, I lamented that the structure of the solution in Orchestrator (multiple "sub-task" [...]

SCSM Data Warehouse Issues with Custom Incident Outrigger

Good afternoon, readers! Gabriel Taylor here with a post about an interesting issue I've ran into with customizations to Service Manager's data warehouse. Read on for more!   Anyone who has spent time working with the Service Manager Data Warehouse knows that the current version can be difficult to keep [...]

Change the Beginning IR Number in Service Manager

You would never want to change the auto-incrementing value range in SCSM 2012…would you? Well, I came across an instance where I needed to (which I will explain in detail in future blog posts). Essentially, I was migrating from a previous SCSM 2012 SP1 environment (that was originally migrated from [...]

Update Runbook GUIDs Script for SCSM

Update Runbook GUIDs Script for SCSM I spend a lot of my time assisting clients with Service Manager and helping deliver self-service automation capabilities to organizations. Two things often involved in that task are employing automation via Orchestrator Runbooks synced to Service Manager, and migrating Runbooks and management packs between [...]

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