SCOM: Simplifying SharePoint Monitoring Configuration

Summary SharePoint monitoring in SCOM has a unique configuration that is often overlooked or implemented incorrectly. This post contains a pair of SCOM management packs intended to simplify the configuration of SharePoint monitoring. Introduction System Center Operations Manager has been a first-class tool for monitoring an on-premises SharePoint environment for [...]

Fixing Web Recording in SCOM 2012 R2

Hello fellow monitoring aficionados,   Today we’re going to be talking about Web Transaction Monitoring. Specifically, the issues with getting the web recorder to work on newer operating systems and browsers. This has been covered in other blogs as well, but my goal is to bring all of the information [...]

Have SCOM? Test OMS with Ease!

Summary   This post shows how to leverage your existing SCOM investment to rapidly onboard and test OMS, Microsoft's Operations Management Suite.   Introduction   If you work as a systems administrator and don't live under a rock, odds are good that you've heard about Microsoft's Operations Management Suite (OMS). [...]

SCOM: Access Performance Data with PowerShell

Summary   This post describes how to access performance data from SCOM via PowerShell.   Introduction   One of the most useful elements of SCOM's monitoring is the collection and storage within SCOM of monitored system's performance data. This collection allows a SCOM operator to access and compare performance data [...]

SCOM/SCSM: Distribution Groups Fail to Receive Email Notifications

A problem that I've run across during multiple SCOM and SCSM engagements is one having to do with email notifications. Specifically, SCOM and SCSM will register that emails have been sent and, if those emails are sent to specific users, they are received. However, distribution groups will fail to receive [...]

SCOM: New SQL Database Discovery Failure

In my current Operations Manager engagement, we came across an issue with Operations Manager failing to discover new SQL databases on a previously-monitored instance. The root cause was unexpected (and in fact, unrelated to Operations Manager) and ripe for sharing, in case anyone else comes across this issue in the [...]

SCOM: SQL Browser Service Monitoring MPs

I'm currently working with a client on an Operations Manager engagement. A few days ago, we were discussing their monitoring requirements for SQL Server, which included monitoring the status of the SQL Browser service. I didn't know for certain off the top of my head whether or not the official [...]

SCOM: Script to Generate Agent Failover Report

One of the frequent services we find ourselves performing for clients is running a health check on their Operations Manager environments, helping clients get the most from their investments by identifying any issues before they cause problems. After all, when we're discussing the infrastructure used to alert anytime something else [...]

SCOM: Syntax Error during CentOS 7 Discovery

Unexpected Error during CentOS 7 Server Discovery   As most readers are aware, Microsoft added support for cross-platform monitoring of Unix and Linux systems to Operations Manager (SCOM) back in 2009 and has been improving the capability with each new release. SCOM 2012 R2 ships with specific management packs and cross-platform agents designed for [...]

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