OMS Log Analytics: Parsing Custom Fields On The Fly

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Summary The new Log Analytics query language contains a host of new keywords, statements, functions, and operators, making it easier than ever to do more with your data. Today’s focus is on the new “parse” keyword which allows a user to extract multiple custom fields from their data dynamically during a query, enabling users to […]

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OMS Log Analytics: The New Experience

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There’s never been a better time to implement Operations Management Suite Log Analytics than now. The platform has recently experienced its largest and most fundamental update since its inception, providing even greater analytics capabilities than ever before, while still retaining all the functionality and solutions that users have grown to love.   Microsoft recently announced […]

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Exploring OMS: Log Analytics Solutions

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Summary   As part of a series exploring the features and usage of OMS, this post discusses the nature and usage of OMS Solutions. Introduction   Welcome to the “Exploring OMS” series, where we talk about the features, functionality, and usage of Microsoft’s Operations Management Suite (OMS). For the uninformed, OMS is an “IT Management […]

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Have SCOM? Test OMS with Ease!

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Summary   This post shows how to leverage your existing SCOM investment to rapidly onboard and test OMS, Microsoft’s Operations Management Suite.   Introduction   If you work as a systems administrator and don’t live under a rock, odds are good that you’ve heard about Microsoft’s Operations Management Suite (OMS). It is being branded as […]

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