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AdminCount? Protected groups? SDPROP? ADConnect permmision issues?

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Not related, right? Wrong! I was working with a client to set up ADConnect and enable Exchange hybrid writeback environment.  A couple of days after the initial  sync, started running into permissions issues. A little background information: when you don’t use express setting during the ADConnect install you will need to use DSACLS to set up the correct security […]

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SCCM: Configuring Email Notifications with Office 365

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SCCM: Configuring Email Notifications with Office 365 So you are an Office 365 organization and your Exchange server lives in the “cloud” and you want to configure email notifications in SCCM for such cools hits like “Virus Outbreak” or “Apple APN certificate is going to expire”. So in the old days with Exchange on premises […]

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Office 365 Powershell: Anywhere and Easy

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Plenty of organizations are moving to O365 these days. Extending your directory services outside of your on-premise environment can put Admins on edge. I wanted to take some time to share some Powershell that helps make administering Cloud Identities a lot less intimidating.   Who wants to RDP to a Dirsync server to manage O365? […]

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CRM Outlook Plug-in with Office 365

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Recently I ran across an issue getting my outlook 2013 CRM plug-in connecting to our Office 365 CRM instance. I ran through the typical solutions: Repairing the CRM installation Reinstalling the Windows Foundation 3.5 Windows feature Downloading a different version of the CRM plugin Entering in the URL for CRM manually Choosing the CRM Online […]

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